South side police presence at same locaiton as gang shooting


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service have maintained a presence at a south side address since very early this morning. Our first reports came in around 3:00 am.


Inital tips tell us that there were numerous police vehicles at the Sourh Brodie Street residence early this morning. The Emergency Task Unit was present in strong numbers.

Arthur street was blocked off from traffic flow as police surrounded the house holding large rifles and wearing body armour. The building contains multiple apartments in it, tenants of the building were escorted out of the building by heavily armed officers and were not allowed to return.

Police maintained a heavy presence until approximately 9:30 am, according to residents in the area. There has been 3 marked police cruisers and numerous investigators and officers working on the situation.

A source close to situation has told TRCCTB.COM that this incident was domestic violence related.


It appears the front door of the building was breached.

This is the same building where Geoff Corbeil was murdered by a southern Ontario gang member by being shot numerous times.

This is a developing story and we will update you on it later once police release more information.


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