TBay Police HQ Dealing With a Cyber Security Threat


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service says that they had to take their non-emergency phone line out of service today as part of dealing with a β€œCyber Security Threat”.


During the course of the situation unfolding, the police’s 911 line was still active and officers were still able to respond to calls.

The non-emergency number, 807-684-1200, was put back into service by 3:00 pm today.

Police say that the Cyber Security Threat was isolated to the Thunder Bay Police Service Station, and was dealt with by their technology staff.

Police are tight-lipped about the details about what happened during this presumed hacker attack.


We will update you as more information becomes available.


3 Replies to “TBay Police HQ Dealing With a Cyber Security Threat”

  1. The director of communications maybe received a virus while downloading illegal FORNITE skins over there.

    1. I heard it was the John Wick skin that caused the problems for him.
      He suited up his character; Lil_DreamR69, and started β€œmercin newbs”
      They killed his net connection.
      But he wasn’t done yet,
      So he used the non emergency phone line, as a dial up connection.

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