Thunder Bay Police Service’s Non-Emergency Line Down Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย For the second time this week the Thunder Bay Police Service have informed the public that their non-emergency line is experiencing disruptions.


Unlike the previous disruption, police say that their 911 line is not impacted and is still functional.

Police would like to ask the public not to call the 911 line for non-emergency matters, and instead to wait until the non-emergency line has been restored.

It is not known at this point in time if the outage is related to the watermainย break / damaged TBayTel lines that occured at the corner of Memorial and Central earlier this week, or if perhaps the director of communications failed to communicate that the bill had not been paid.

Police will update the public when the phones are back online.


Police statement below:

Service to the Thunder Bay Policeโ€™s non-emergency lines have been disrupted. The emergency 911 line is not affected and is working.

We would like to remind the public that the emergency 911 line is only for emergencies. If you have a non-emergency please wait until those services have been restored.

Thank you for your patience and continued cooperation.