Two Overdoses, Two Ambulance Rides, Two Trips to ER, Same Day.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s been a busy weekend for not only police, but fire and paramedic first responders as the city is deep in an opiate crisis.


”Purple Down”, which is a mix of fentanyl and heroin, and sometimes carfentanil, is sweeping the nation along with Thunder Bay. The opiate is responsible for yet another spike in overdoses since fentanyl became a thing in town.

The drug, also known as “purp” is so strong that even veteran drug users are overdosing as they underestimate the power this mix has.

Today, a male in his early 30’s overdosed twice. His first overdose of the day resulted in paramedics giving him a ride to the hospital after being revived with life-saving Naloxone.

His second overdose, both of which happened in the 100 block of Seneca Crescent, resulted in the same conclusion. A ride to the hospital after some Naloxone was administered.


Naloxone can temporarily reverse an overdose. Ask your pharmacist how you can get a free kit.


9 Replies to “Two Overdoses, Two Ambulance Rides, Two Trips to ER, Same Day.”

  1. you know what? thid drug to “save” these pathetic people is just giving them a false sense of security.Thaey just laugh at it all.they are not worried about overdosing now because they friggen know the paramedics will revive them. Bet they DO NOT pay for the ambulance ride and if they do it TWICE in one day, let them go.FED UP with all the bu—— with these people. IT IS NOT A DISEASE. it is bloody well SELF INFLITCTED.

    1. You should get your facts in order before making any kind of Stupid comment. It is obvious that you know nothing about addiction.

  2. Where can I donate my money for the Free drug clinics in Thunder Bay where these people are supervised?

    Yeah, rolls eyes

    1. Bubba, I’m not gonna touch this one.. this a pass… However everytime you make a comment that I see that’s inaccurate, racist, or just plain stupid I’m gonna call you out on it for now on ok? I’m gonna use facts, actual science and whatever else I need to just show you, and others how pathetic your comments are. EDUCATE yourself..

  3. I’ll be waiting. Like you said, FACTS!

    I think you’ll be hard pressed to find them though. AND, I’m the furthest thing from a Racist. I’m just sick and tired of footing the bill for a lot of this Liberal free for all sh*t – whether that be for a white, yellow or brown guy.

  4. These people dont seem to learn nor care. They dont need drug treatment they need to be cut off period. All the money we are spending on treatments and programs do not work. What about actual diseases such as Diabetes or Cancer. Where is the money for these diseases that are not self induced. I say enough is enough. You hear people say oh poor addict well they are the ones always chasing the dragon. Call me de sensitized but I am sick of wasting money on shit that dont work.

  5. Twice in one day!!!! Educate myself my a**. If you can’t see that this is a huge issue then someone needs to knock some sense into today’s do gooders. Thanks for using up paramedic services and hospital staff to help drug abusers twice in one day while some women lays on her kitchen floor who works two jobs and has a family is having a cardiac arrest.

  6. every time E M S is sent out to pick someone up , costs tax payers $1700, plus close to a $1000, for hospital to make out record of receiving person , then doctors fees, and medications etc, etc

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