OVERDOSE: Skating Rink Naloxone Shot


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Last night around 7:20 pm, a male had overdosed on opiates on a north side skating rink.


The male was located at a skating rink on Marlborough Street, near Red River Road.

Superior North EMS paramedics responded to the scene and administered the overdose reversing drug Naloxone to the male.

The male regained consciousness and was delivered to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centreโ€™s Emergency Department for further monitoring.

He is expected to survive.


If you or someone you know uses drugs, please ask your pharmacist for a free Naloxone kit. Naloxone can temporarily reverse an overdose, often long enough for paramedics to arrive and save a life.


4 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Skating Rink Naloxone Shot”

    1. You give me the gears regarding the free drug clinics, yet in another story you think it’s OK to make fun of the situation?

  1. Sure glad someone had the sense to call 911 right away and the young man was saved. Hopefully a lesson was learned by this .Especially for any onlookers that were there. Way to go to the EMS team that was quick to respond this young man owes you his life.

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