UPDATED: Hammarskjold Highschool in LOCKDOWN – GUN THREAT


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Hammarskjold High School has sent out a notice that they are in a lockdown.


Thunder Bay Police Service are on location performing what appears to be a search.

A student inside the school has tipped TRCCTB.COM off that student are locked in their classrooms while police are searching for a possible gun.

A source deep inside the school tells us that a youth posted to social media in regards to being a โ€œschool shooterโ€.

As of 1:02 pm, our student contact inside the school tells us that the police presence is going to be there for a โ€œlong timeโ€ and that police will be offering escorted bathroom breaks and food will be supplied to the students as the sweeping search continues.


This is the second time in recent history that Hammerskjold High School has been the subject of a police presence.

Numerous police cruisers, roughly 8 are outside the high school, and officers are guarding every door, seemingly not allowing anyone in or out.

Police have confirmed that two โ€œweapons callsโ€ were made today regarding school.

Below is what we have been told is the concern for a gun at the school, a photo message sent over social media platform โ€œSnapChatโ€. We are not certain if this was the initial threat or the second weapons call regarding the school.

Algonquin Avenue PS, CD Howe PS, St Pius, Bishop EQ Jennings and Gateway have been put in a โ€œHold and Secureโ€ as a precaution.ย UPDATE: 2:30 pmย All North side schools have been placed on a โ€œhold and secureโ€, under the direction of the Thunder Bay Police Service. Dismissal times are expected to remain unchanged.

St Pats and Westgate are also in โ€œhold and secureโ€.


Shortly before 2:00 pm, the Thunder Bay Police Services Emergency Task Unit arrived at Hammerskjold to assist in the lockdown.

As of 3:20 pm Hammerskjolds lockdown has been lifted.

A student in the school has leaked us a photo of the Emergency Task Unit entering their darkened classroom while wearing body armour. We have been told all classrooms are in the dark but pizza has been delivered for the students.

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated, just come back to this article for all the latest.


20 Replies to “UPDATED: Hammarskjold Highschool in LOCKDOWN – GUN THREAT”

  1. You gotta love Social Media. You also gotta love the stupidity of these idiots posting this Sh%t on Social Media.

  2. hopefully they get this figured out and get that pellet gun away from them, and some harsh punishment.

  3. 1. Search and clear single classroom.
    2. Escort students from cleared classroom to a school bus.
    3. Bring kids home to SAFETY instead of keeping many many students in the vicinity of danger.
    4. Repeat as necessary.

  4. Watch it will be a Caucasian kid and no charges will be laid or will get a slap on the wrist
    … or if by chance a native kid, then the accused and the parents will be dragged through the mud ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Thunder Bay is pathetic when it comes to serving justice

  5. My daughter said that only the grade 12โ€™s got pizza.
    Weird… if the schools on lock down, how did a pizza boy get in.

    The teachers were also telling the students NOT to call their parents because they donโ€™t want to draw attention.
    I can understand not wanting a crowd of people, but telling the kids not to tell anyone?
    What if shit went south in there? … I donโ€™t even want to think about it.

    1. During a lockdown, students are NOT allowed to use their cellphones. If an intruder is in the building and the sound of a cellphone goes off, that informs the intruder of where people are hiding and that puts them in danger. I understand as a parent myself you want to contact your child and make sure theyโ€™re safe, but thereโ€™s protocols like this in place for reasons. Teachers arenโ€™t even to have their cellphones in use.

    2. One grade 12 class got pizza because it was in the class before the lockdown. There was a travel club meeting that was supposed to happen at lunch and lunch is provided. Yes kids weren’t supposed to tell their parents anything. We’re forbidden to use our phones during lockdown but after an hour teachers kinda stopped caring but there should have been a message sent to parents from the principal about what was going on

  6. My question is why some classes were not locked? Supply teacher did not have a key, but regular teachers did – how in this day and age was there not an extra key available for a temporary staff? Why is this not being talked about????? What is the policy of actual “locking down” each of the high schools?

    1. No supply staff has a key. This has been an ongoing issue. It has been brought up to the board office for yrs but still no keys have been made available.

  7. To everyone angry about the pizza. The pizza was in Mr.Davidson’s class before the lockdown because there was (supposed to be) travel club at lunch where lunch was given. The pizza was delivered at 11:30 or so. After the lockdown hit two hours the grade 12 class in there were allowed to just have it.
    Food and a bathroom break was promised over the announcements though but that didn’t happen.
    Lockdown was a whole three hours where we weren’t allowed to stand up or do anything.
    Three swat men came in for each class fully equipped/armed or whatever.
    After everyone was released there was about 20-30 cops/swat by the office and SS all in groups of at least three. The lower floor (I wasn’t upstairs so I can’t say) had about ever 15m a group(s) of swat.
    The grade 8 preview night was put on later that night.
    Feel free to ask any questions.

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