Appearing in Courtroom 102 today, Thursday February 14,2019 is 22 year old DUSTIN HUBBARD.

HUBBARD is led handcuffed into the prisoner’s box by TBPS Special Constables.

HUBBARD is a smaller than average man. His hair is longer than pictured and has his head down through much of the proceeding.

Justice Dino DiGiuseppe is presiding behind the bench. Provincial Crown Franceline Auclair is here to prosecute and defence lawyer David Pierce is representing HUBBARD.


On the evening of August 15,2017 at the Westfort Tavern on Brown Street, HUBBARD was drinking alcohol with others. There was some horseplay type activity between some patrons in the bar and HUBBARD who was not part of that, came and swung a beer bottle at one man’s head, breaking the bottle on his face causing significant facial cuts and scarring in an unprovoked attack. The incident was captured on video.

Justice DiGiuseppe examines facial photos of the victim. He states the victim’s injuries are “chilling and significant”.

A victim impact statement is read into the record. The victim is reminded of the attack every time he looks in the mirror and sees the scars. It’s caused him pain and sadness.
Defence Attorney Pierce concedes that this was an unprovoked attack and its difficult to defend the actions of his client.

Crown Attorney Auclair is submitting that she wants a sentence in the 18-24 months range for this violent assault as well as 2 years probation.

HUBBARD was released on bail after the incident and remained on bail with no issues. He even began doing community service hours on his own accord having accumulated a total of 210 hours.

His lawyer David Pierce submits that this should be considered a sign of remorse by his client. He further submits that jail time is required, but not the 18-24 months the Crown is requesting.


On February 8,2019 HUBBARD was arrested for a minor bail breach. His first such one. He’s been in jail since last week. He’s plead guilty to the breach.

Asked if he has anything to say, HUBBARD states “Sorry, I have shame for what I have done”.

It’s a contested sentencing hearing and His Honour DiGiuseppe will be make the decision on the appropriate amount of incarceration for this aggravated assault as breach of bail.

HUBBARD is led out of the courtroom crying. He’s heading back to the Thunder Bay Jail.

DUSTIN HUBBARD will be sentenced on February 26,2019.

As usual, the Director of Communications at TBPS didn’t put out a media release.


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  1. You’re community service is much appreciated but did, you did wrong. 2 years is even too little when you adjust a man’s face for life. You’ll keep that pretty face for some time but you’ll soon learn what you’re rear-end looks like in comparison to the victim you slashed. Shameful, unprovoked, agressive behaviour. Go directly to jail and don’t even bother looking at passing go.

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