First Nation Declares State of Emergency Due to Drinking Water


(NESKANTAGA FIRST NATION, ON) – Neskantaga First Nation has issued a Statement of Emergency with respect to lack of drinking water in the community. Clean drinking water is a basic human right and in 2019 should be readily available to all Canadians.


Neskantaga First Nation is calling on the Minister of lndigenous Services Canada to provide bottled water to the community until the Water Treatment Plant is operational and the boil water advisory can be lifted.

Neskantaga First Nation leadership has also reached out directly to Minister Seamus O’Regan in a letter regarding the requirement for bottled water and to request an in-person meeting.

At this time, we can confirm that Neskantaga First Nation has terminated the Water Treatment Plant construction contract with Kingdom Construction Limited, effective February 13, 2019.

The community of Neskantaga believes this step was necessary in order to provide clean, safe, reliable drinking water to the community and to ultimately lift a boil water advisory that has been in effect for over 25 years.


Neskantaga First Nation refused to comment further with respect to KCL at this time.


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  1. If its been this way for 25 years, its not really an emergency is it? Indians need to learn my heritage and its great tale of “The Boy That Cried Wolf”. They just may learn something from it.

    on a side note.. dig a well. Thousands of people in Ontario have wells and live just wonderfully. No need for the government to babysit you while you cry about having them do the babysitting. Take some initiative for once in your life.

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