OPIATE OVERDOSE: Heath and Brock – Narcan’d


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another day and another overdose in the great city of Thunder Bay. The opioid crisis is wearing down on many.


This evening around 8:00 pm a woman overdosed on opiates and lost consciousness. People not being able to wake her, they dialed 911 and an ambulance was dispatched immediately.

Upon the arrival of Superior North EMS paramedics, Narcan (Naloxone) was administered and the woman was revived.

The woman viciously refused to goto the hospital and paramedics eventually left without her.

Narcan (Naloxone) saves lives, there’s no doubt. But people as of late are starting to ask the question about whether it is enabling drug users to “push the envelope” so to speak, in terms of how much drugs they can do at once. Users are becoming less fearsome of an overdose, relying on Narcan to revive them if they cross the line.


If you or anyone you know are going to use drugs, experts have advised that they use the buddy system so that if one person overdoses, the buddy can administer Narcan and call 911 for assistance.

Ask your pharmacist about how you can obtain free Narcan and training.


11 Replies to “OPIATE OVERDOSE: Heath and Brock – Narcan’d”

  1. heath and brown st do not cross each other, they run parallel to each other. did you mean hetah and brock maybe?

    1. We basically have an epidemic on our hands and you’re uptight about a wrong cross street?
      Why doesn’t Thunder Bay declare a state of emergency like everyone else does? We might as well use some of our tax dollars like everyone else does. No?

  2. Stop responding to over-doses….it then becomes a self extinguishing problem….these people don’t care about their lives, why should we tie up resources stop an OD when they just continue to use and risk their lives anyway.

    1. @ Chuck Knuckles – I’ve conveyed your same sentiments here before but got a$$ raped by the politically correct Libtards. So, I’m trying to lay low a little.

  3. honestly i dont know how we can fix this. people will always use drugs if they want to, its a matter of personal choice. if they do not wish to get help or better themselves then they wont..

    DECLARE MARSHALL LAW set curfews, anyone caught with drugs shot on sight!! thats the only solution that may work…

  4. Tired of hearing about nalaxzone…tired of junkies abusing themselves the system and my tax dollars…time to let them reap what they sow!…

  5. No one chooses to be an addict. This is a very sad disease that has no borders, it effects all. What our citizens suffering from addiction need is understanding, compassion and supports to address their addiction as the social issue that it is. Not a criminal issue and not something to be shamed or shot over. I urge everyone to educate yourself and be thankful it is not you or your loved one struggling.

  6. The drugs they are using is illegal and if they were caught walking down the street with the drugs they would be charged, criminally……..so as far as I am concerned if they have overdosed on these illegal drugs, then they need to be charged, criminally. Their sentence should be detox and at least 1 yr. in rehab. If they do not complete this then jail time.

  7. well if you dumb fucks would stop giving out needles….
    people wouldnt be able to shoot death into there veins…

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