POWER OUTAGE: North Side in Shambles


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Synergy North is reporting intermittent power outages this afternoon. Synergy North is what Thunder Bay Hydro has become after merging with a hydro company in Kenora.


The company tells us that the intermittent power outages are in the north side of the city,.

Hydro crews are already on site of the issue and working hard to restore power to all customers.

There is currently no estimated time of completion for the repairs.

We have reports coming in from all over the north side of peoples cell phones running out of power, and boredom levels increasing.


If you are impacted by the hydro outage, please leave a photo of the carnage in the comments and tell people which area of town you are fighting the power outage in.


4 Replies to “POWER OUTAGE: North Side in Shambles”

  1. There sure has been a lot of outages in the PA end of town this year . Whatโ€™s up with that ?

  2. Bill Westley lol. What a dumb comment. Keep in mind, a lot of people in Thunder Bay actually know that Thunder Bay Hydro merged with Kenora to get the economy of scale enjoyed by large utilities. Ask to see someoneโ€™s Hydro One bill and see if youโ€™d prefer that. As for reliability, do you dislike your service so much youโ€™d be prepared to pay more for some big capital projects and upgrades? Write your councillor and tell them. Otherwise, just be glad someone comes out in horrible weather in the middle of the night to hook you back up. Amazing how uninformed people love to complain.

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