Truck Burned and Abandoned on Highway 11


(SHABAQUA, ON) โ€“ A number of motorists on Highway 11 west of Thunder Bay will have a night danger to contend with this evening.


A truck that has been completely burned is planted on the highway, posing a significant risk for travellers moving through the area.

We have been told that this truck is located on Highway 11 near the turn off from Highway 17 near Shabaqua. Removal of the vehicle has not happened as of the time of this article being published.

Photo Credit: Rick Lyons

Anyone travelling on Highway 11 is urged to remain extra cautious and attentive as the wreck may still be on the roadway.

Police and others are aware of the vehicle, and we can assume that itโ€™s removal is in the works.


We have been told nobody was injured in this incident.

Travel safe and remain concerned.

CORRECTION: Earlier we posted that this truck was near Atikokan, that was our mistake.