POLICE PRESENCE: Newberry Crescent


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ City Police are present at the moment on Newberry Crescent. They have access to a section of the road blocked off and residents in the area are saying they are not letting people through.


Reports hit our news desk around 3:00 pm about the situation. What we can see is that a grey car is blocking the road and a person is seen standing around it.

A unmarked Thunder Bay Police Service SUV has one side of Newberry Crescent blocked off while a marked police SUV has the other end blocked off.

We are not certain of what is happening, but can speculate the vehicle and possibly a home are at the centre of the police investigation. Residents in the area tell us that police took photos of the vehicle, inside and out. Officers are also combing the area around the vehicle.

One person was taken into police custody.


Anyone with more information or photos is asked to contact us through Facebook or email atย tips@trcctb.com

This is a developing story and we will keep you updated through this article.



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