(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ We have recieved numerous tips via our newsroom email that have informed us about a robbery on the cityโ€™s south side this morning.


An early morning robbery went south at the Arthur Street Wal-Mart when a suspect allegedly attempted to hijack a Playstation 4 console from the big box store.

Loss prevention officers were seen just outside of the store arresting the male and taking him back into the store as a number of people stood by and watched.

The suspect is alleged to have assaulted the loss prevention officer during the arrest.

Xander Hasell of Thunder Bay has been arrested and given a free, tax-payer funder ride to hotel Balmoral (TBPS police station) where he will likely spend the night, also at no out of pocket cost to him.


Yet another fine job by both the loss prevention officers and the Thunder Bay Police Service.

Anyone with photos of the arrest is asked to email them toย


7 Replies to “ROBBERY: Arthur Street Wal-Mart”

  1. Wonder what happened too that guy he used too sell down and made good money, nice too see ppl like that struggle he prolly got out from Balmoral consider heโ€™s white,

    1. So because he’s. White (as per your assumption) you figure he walks ? You are a prime example of racism within this community. Have no people of colour been arrested and walked. ? Curious as to your double Standard.

    2. White has nothing to do with it. Go to the Court House one day. See who is released all the time because people are tired of being called Racist. Like you are with you comment. The Idiot tried to steal. The Idiot should get what he deserves. Red, Brown, Black or White it doesn’t matter. If you do the crime then do the time.

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