Police Swarm Cumberland McDonaldโ€™s: WEAPONS CALL


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The Thunder Bay Police Service have swarmed north side fast food restaurant late this afternoon.


Police received reports of a man with multiple guns entering the building.

The man was also seen at the LCBO just moments before where we have been told security guards there called police to report it.

Numerous police cruisers swarmed the area and located the man at McDonaldโ€™s. We have been told 6 responded and 8 or more officers.

A brief search of the manโ€™s belongings turned up pool cues.


A witness in the area told us that a friend of the pool cue guy was being a snot to the officers. A quick response by our police and a happy ending, considering what just happened in the Southern Hemisphere.


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  1. Our first responders do such a damn good job. They all are all overworked and underappreciated by some. Thanks girls and guys for the job you do.

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