GoFundMe for legal fees setup.


For your consideration, please click the link below.



Click the link above.


7 Replies to “GoFundMe for legal fees setup.”

  1. I will be supporting Pino to fight this effort to suppress him and his news source.

    Considering Thunder Bay’s reputation, I’d be willing to venture that this issues would be something that an out of town news agency would like to get involved with. After all suppression of free speech and using legal suits for intimidation purposes are hallmarks of dictatorships.

    Isn’t there an organization like W5 or some other investigative journalism that can be contacted to see if they’d like to air this topic? National attention would likely pull in the horns of those trying to silence Pino.




    1. I think your doing a amazing job getting it out to the public guick and letting people no what’s going on in our lovely city we live in good job pino

  2. When does the GoFundMe end?
    Does this mean the courthouse website will eventually be shutdown also?
    Although not run by you(Pino).

  3. Pino should take the funds that the police spokesperson gets since they are failing to do their job instead of this go fund me.

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