South End House Goes Up In Smoke


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Numerous tips came into our tip line regarding a south end house that was blasting smoke out of the front early this evening.


The Thunder Bay Fire Rescue team showed up to this blaze and appears to have sounded a โ€œsecond alarmโ€ after the first three pumper trucks arrived.

A โ€œsecond alarmโ€ is often sounded when a significantly sized structure appears to be or shows signs of being on fire. The โ€œsecond alarmโ€ brings in three more fire trucks with a complement of firefighting personnel with it.

Fire crews were working hard to knock down the heat and the flames as smoke were billowing out of a second floor, front facing window.

People in the area are asked to keep their distance while fire crews work hard to save the structure.


โ€I live a few houses away, and was outside when it happened. There was a mom and her 2 daughters home at the time but they all made it out. One daughter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The fire was started when one of the children knocked a candle over, she tried to extinguish it but the flame spread too fast. Such a heartbreaking situation, I donโ€™t know them personally but I hate that they had to go through this.โ€ โ€“ Lakin H.

This fire scene is active as of 7:40 pm April 5th, please avoid the area.

Anyone with video or photos of the incident are asked to message them to our Facebook page or email them toย

The address will be revealed later on.

Photo Credits: Kevin C and Anonymous.