(VIDEO) Midtown Inn Cliffhanger, Woman Lurks Ledge


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It is with not so much surprise but more so expectation that after some money gets handed out to a substantial amount of the populace, that some odd and/or criminal incidents begin to unfold in the world.


April 5th, GST direct deposits helped to drive withdrawal’s to ATM’s across the province, and Thunder Bay was no different. Lineups at midnight started at certain ATM’s, with the occasional straggler rolling in throughout the night.

Many people banked the money and saved it for when it’s needed, some people went at midnight to buy some much-needed items for around the home like groceries and/or toilet paper, but some people, and it’s likely a small percentage, decided to go catch a buzz.

Well, that buzz dies out after a day and leaves the partygoer wondering what to do with a hotel room and no substances to catch a buzz with. One woman (yes we assumed their gender) took it upon herself to get some excitement by sitting on the ledge out of the top floor windows at the Midtown Inn, the old Shoreline Motor Motel located in downtown PA. She was seen going back into the window, only to reappear on the ledge shortly after, numerous times.

The Midtown Inn has great rates, friendly staff and very acceptable rooms available for people travelling through or for the person who may have had too much to drink downtown and decides a motel room for the night is cheaper than a cab ride home and back in the morning to get their vehicle.


Below is the video that shows the woman sitting and moving around on the ledge. Thanks to Sugarhead H. E.


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