COLLISION: Highway 61 @ Kam River Bridge


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย As with a late dusting of snow after a decent winter, there is another highway collision to report, this time on the south side of town.


At least two vehicles were involved in a collision on Highway 61 that happened around 10:00 pm this evening.

The Ontario Provincial Police are on location sorting out the situation which involves a pickup truck and a SUV.

We have no word yet on if any serious or life-threatening injuries were sustained, but life-threatening injuries seem unlikely based on what our eye-witness has told us.

โ€The driver of the truck was heading into town and hit a patch of black ice and began to spin out.ย A south bound suv hit the truck as she could not avoid him.ย His tail end hit her front end.โ€ ย โ€“ Tina Gravelle, who helped contain the scene until fire and ambulance arrived.


Traffic will be slowed in the area, reduced to one lane or possibly diverted as first responders handle the situation. Please avoid the area and take a detour route if possible.

The scene is expected to be cleared shortly after 11:00 pm and the road reopened.

Anyone with additional information and/or photos are asked to email them in toย

Photo credits Lynn Gravelle.


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