Local Notorious Fraudster Biaggio Enters Guilty Plea





A 31 year old BIAGGIO JOSEPH DONOVAN appeared handcuffed in Courtroom 102 today, Friday April 12, 2019 before Her Honour Justice Elaine Burton to plead guilty to some criminal charges.

DONOVAN has his hair tied back in a man bun and has grown a scruffy beard.

Crown Attorney Piera Pasloski and Defence Attorney Ryan Green have an agreed joint submission for Her Honour to consider.



On September 25,2018 DONOVAN had a debit card belonging to a senior citizen who lived on Dease Street. He managed to acquire the PIN and promptly began using it at ATM’s and stores for a total $1387.95.

He was arrested, charged and released.

DONOVAN tries to argue with the court and his lawyer that the senior gave him the PIN. That argument falls flat with the court. He did not have authorization to abuse the card.

On February 6, 2019 DONOVAN was found in the building at 300 Brodie Street. The owner asked him to leave.

DONOVAN told the owner β€œI’m going to kill you Chink, I’m going to mess you up”.


Thunder Bay Police arrested and charged him with uttering threats to kill.

On February 13,2019 DONOVAN was released on $1000 no deposit bail with several conditions including a curfew.

On March 14,2019 DONOVAN was found outside 340 May Street at 12:20 am past his curfew. He was arrested and charged with breach and held at the Thunder Bay Jail ever since.

DONOVAN has been the subject of several violent attacks at the jail. Inside Edition sources indicate that other criminals in the jail are not fond of him.

Justice Burton is not impressed with his fraud on a senior. She asks him if he has anything to say.

β€œI’m sorry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I have a drug problem. I’m sorry” he states.



DONOVAN has been in jail for 32 real days. He receives another 30 days going forward for the fraud.

He’s also ordered to 1 year of probation on the breach and utter threat. A restitution order of $1387.95 is placed on him.

The Crown is also applying for estreatment on the $1000 Bail promised for violating his conditions. A DNA order and weapons ban is placed on him.

A big thanks to our news tipster on this story.


7 Replies to “Local Notorious Fraudster Biaggio Enters Guilty Plea”

  1. Another waste on society and at society’s cost. Restitution? Oh, go steal from Peter to pay Paul? Get your judicial system to pay his restitution because they are the ones at fault on the next crime he commits. You criminals in jail locked up with him, keep up the good work!

  2. Here is what i dont get……this guy gets jail but the other fraudster Richard Belbas ripped off way more people and literally gets off .Unreal justice………

  3. Google says : Estreatment means to make a copy of the recognizance and send it to the court that has jurisdiction to determine whether the accused/surety(ies) should lose money because of a bail breach.

    Of course he should lose his bail money for violating his bail agreement. Should that not be automatic ?

  4. The punk needs more TLC jail time with his inmates. A-hole might learn that straightening out, getting a job and being a contributing member of society is better than being a jailhouse beat-up boy. A$$clown.

  5. This guy should be kept behind bars for life. I know him he will never change and he will continue to be a menace to society. He yells at ppl all the time and threatens them. Yet he gets nothing done to him. Karmas a bitch biaggio!!

    1. I completely agree. I’ve known him for years and, as you said, he will never change and he WILL continue being this way. He even took money from my sister.

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