Male Acting Erratic & Violent, Swinging Hammer At People and Windows


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Numerous tips have hit our news complex within the last 5 minutes about a male running around the Thunder Centre this evening while swinging a hammer in an aggressive fashion.


Tipsters have told us that the male was banging on the windows of the LCBO and becoming aggressive with shoppers and staff in the area.

Nobody appears to have been hurt by the male, although we cannot confirm this as of yet.

Police in the area were attempting to locate the male as he ran off after being informed the police were on the way. The suspect was later located lying down near Canadian Tire.

One tipster tells us the male smelt of alcohol and had a can of hairspray on him. He was also said to have been slurring his words heavily. The suspect was picked up by Superior North EMS paramedics and will spend the next few hours in a comfy bed at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where his health will be monitored until he is able to leave the place sober.


The area is known to have an issue with people wandering around drunk in public and aggressive beggars who at times can become violent when money is refused.

Unfortunately, none of the tipsters managed to obtain any photos of this incident. If you have a photo of this, please email it intoΒΒ Also, if you see anything happening that is of any level of concern, please take a photo and send it into us. It is never too minor or bother if we receive photos.


5 Replies to “Male Acting Erratic & Violent, Swinging Hammer At People and Windows”

  1. wonder when the invisible Chief of Police will start doing something about the obvious ,,theft and public intoxication,,every day at the same place

  2. She can’t. If she or ANYONE does, they’ll call it β€œsystemic racism”.
    Welcome to the new world.

  3. People like this should be put away before really harming someone or even themselves. all you can do is stand by and watch and hope that one day they will be locked up;

  4. These so called racial actions of our police don’t really exist. It’s not their fault who is acting out or is plain intoxicated. They could be blue pink yellow white! Those people who want and get help are few and far between. How can people say that’s our police forces fault. There are really good people in our city no matter what their heritage is! Stop judging is the first step to stopping this racist nonsense.

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