(VIDEO) Is this the start to another year of public poopers?


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย In the years 2016 and 2017, when The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay was a fraction of what it is now, we had endured multiple posts which involved photos and videos of people taking poops outside. (Viewer discretion is advised beyond this point, there is a video that is not for the easily offended or weak stomached. Please turn back now if you think there is the slightest chance of you being offended.)


People were dropping deuces all over town, no where was immune. We saw poopers in back alleys, on front lawns, next to roads, along rivers and in clear public view.

As we are about half way through April 2019 and in the midst of the spring melt, we have encountered some โ€œfresh materialโ€ to keep REAL Concerned Citizens informed on a level no other news agency in the region would dare to. Today we have some breaking, oozing news, today, we have our first glimpse at what could be the start (although more likely the end) of a movement.

UPDATED: Today we have a video of what we are told is a female (donโ€™t want to assume gender and offend anyone) wiping their butt/vahdge after she took at least a piss outside. She even looks at the toilet paper to detect what level of grease her butt has on it. But like RIGHT UP TO HER FACE. Also, she is not homeless.

Now I know some of you wonโ€™t be able to stomach this without being offended, and thatโ€™s fine, if youโ€™ve read past the warning at the beginning of this article, thatโ€™s on you.


Before the video, I would like to remind everyone to always send any videos, photos or information in toย tips@trcctb.com including and especially the questionable content. We will review and determine if it is in the public interest to inform the masses about. If this video is foretelling anything, it is that everyone should watch where they walk.



3 Replies to “(VIDEO) Is this the start to another year of public poopers?”

  1. I kinda feel for (it/her/him) because when I was pregnant last summer NO-ONE let me use their washroom.
    Not every NATIVE uses needles or other materials for drugs in washrooms. People of all types pee/poop outside in desperation in order to save their pants and risk public humiliation. Maybe if we treated each other as humans for once people wouldn’t have to go do things like this.

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