OVERDOSE: Academy Trap House


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another opiate overdose has rocked the city, this time it occurred at a well known trap house.


A “Trap House” is a term used to define a crack house, or the surroundings in which a drug dealer or(trap star) would use to make their profit.Also refered to as “up tha way”.

This trap house is used to move mainly crack, cocaine, fentanyl and heroin. Today a woman used too much fentanyl and became unresponsive.

A person in the home administered the opiate overdose reversing drug Narcan, but it did not seem to be effective and 911 was called. As paramedics were on their way the overdosee was revived and responsive. The traditional trip to the hospital was adamantly declined and the ambulance left empty handed.

Narcan is free, ask your local pharmacist about how you can obtain a free kit along with on the spot reining on how to use it.


Thinking about sobering up? Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre where you can begin your journey of recovery. Their phone number is 684-1880.


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  1. Fentanyl…un-prescribed fentanyl I’d assume. Maybe it’s time to start charging $150 for narcan because this stuff is being abused far to often. Just think of all the calls to 911 and all the people that come running to “help” these idiots only to have EMS and Fire show up just to be turned away. How much money is being wasted, and not just that, what if someone that really needs help cannot get it right away because of situations like this. Enough is enough!! Start putting a price on Narcan and if these junkies are to cheap to buy it let nature run it’s course. I’ve also heard that these people like seeing death I’m the face and once revived they tell their friends about the put of body experience. It’s time to let these people go.

    1. There is no out of body experience when overdosing. An overdose happens quickly without any warning.

  2. Michael I agree with you. We are part of the problem for coddling and babying these losers for too long. It is time those selfish bums who choose to put themselves in dangerous situations own their problems. They need a reality check to understand our hospitals are not the Hilton Hotel or overnight shelters, and that our police are not their personal taxi drivers and the EMS are not their babysitters. Those dollar sucking creeps are a contributing factor to why our hospital is in perpetual gridlock. Decent people here are swept under the carpet while these bums get priority. Time for some tough love here. In order to tackle the problem we need a few more Detox tanks. Instead of the merri-go ride they currently play, our city can be the first in Canada where if you want help for your addiction you can get it ONCE it but if you choose to continue that lifestyle then you are on your own and then you pay one way or another YOURSELF. No second chances here. Once the word gets out we are done tolerating this crap, then those abusers will either clean up or quit wasting our tax dollars.

    1. Did it even occur to you that there are literally thousands of people on waitlists for rehab? That it is nearly impossible to get into unless you can pay $25000? There are people who try and try and try and then die waiting for a bed. Each of these addicts has a family. So maybe you should shut your cakehole.

      Also, addicts aren’t causing our hospital’s gridlock, that is an entirely different can of worms.

    2. Christine Maybe before you tell someone to shut their cakehole you should get your facts straight. Obviously you have a hard time reading something very simple so I will make this as dumb as possible just for you. You missed the comment where I stated there should be MORE Detox tanks for these people. It isnt rocket science there is a crisis right now with all thes OD’s. The problem happens to be that is the same people over and over abusing the system with their selfish addictions. Maybe a few were forced into drugs but I think it is safe to say that they made their choices do that that crap themselves. I happen to know people who have had addictions problems in their past and they did clean up because they wanted to. I am sick of money being wasted on people whose goal in life is to be perpetually wasted. Maybe you never visited the ER in this city because if you did, you would not be so quick to spew off your verbal diarrhea. Got that now Christine???

    3. Christine I normally do not respond to jack****s but I will make an exception for you. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before you tell someone to shut their cakehole. Obviously you have either a reading comprehension problem or you have a poor command of the English language. Therefore, I will try to explain this in the dumbest possible way just for you. If you read my article careful, you would note that I have suggested MORE detox tanks and getting help ONCE for those addicts. Which part of that do you not understand? My issue is the continued waste of money dealing with the same bums over and over. Is your head buried in the sand or what? Why do you think the EMS has had to call a code black which means there are no available ambulances because they are already attending too many other calls. Guess how many of those calls are probably related to substance abuses? Guess where the EMS and the cops chauffer these pick ups to? . HINT, It aint the LCBO. It is the TBRHSC Why do you think we have at least 7 meth clinics here? It isnt rocket science that there is a crisis and it is only getting worse because we as a society are part of the problem for enabling and encouraging this crap. Those people who continue to want to spend their lives wasted, if that is their goal in can do so , just not on my dime. Got that Christine?

  3. Narcan has actually worsened the overdose situation. Before Narcan, dopers were playing Russian roulette. Now they know if they shoot themselves, someone will be there to save their worthless ass.

    What social value do these chronic druggers provide? They’re nothing but absolute leeches abusing our generous social services system. I say take Narcan out of the picture and let nature take it’s course.

    1. Prior to Narcan and similar antidotes, when a drugger overdosed and died, he/she was out of the system. No more problems from that individual. Now, chronic addicts can repeatedly recover, do it again and again putting even more stress on our EMS, hospitals and medical system.

      Free availability of Narcan and other antidotes is a serious error in judgement. Narcan is growing the drug addiction problem, not helping to resolve it. Make druggers pay for like they do their drugs. Better yet, don’t make it available at all.

  4. Although I agree that Narcan is not the answer and it has created this overdose/revive cycle for many drug users, I am appalled at the lack of empathy for human beings shown in the comments section on this website. I doubt that the majority of drug addicts in our community are happy to continue their lifestyle and if given the opportunity to be able to withstand the cravings for whatever substance they are using, they may jump at the chance.
    I can share my experience as a mother who raised her children to be productive, caring, law abiding citizens. As a teenager, one of my children made the choice to use illegal substances. Why? I don’t know. A lot of the research shows that childhood trauma and alcohol or drug use disorders in adults are closely linked. Perhaps my child was bullied, did something bad when in a group, was sexually abused, OR, as a teenager, got involved with the wrong crowd and gave into peer pressure and tried a substance that gave them a feeling that they wanted to recreate, and the crave/use cycle began. A diagnosed anxiety disorder and depression followed once involved in treatment. However, when an individual is an addict, they are never fully cured. Just like cancer, their illness can go into remission and reappear again years later.
    For those of you on this site, condemning people who are ill, who because of mental health/substance use disorder cutbacks, cannot get treatment quickly, shame on you! Imagine your child, who you raised to be a good citizen, choosing to use mind altering substances and caring about nothing else but getting the next fix. Imagine how that would make you feel. Imagine how sad and mad you would be that this is their life, they cannot control, and you have been dragged into a world you had no idea even existed. Imagine people out there profiting from your child’s illness by selling them substances that may not even be what they say they are, and your child is so far gone that they don’t even care what they are using. Now imagine your neighbours, family, friends and members of your community using a forum to degrade and insult human beings who are ill. How sad is that?

    1. Bullied? Peer pressure? Sexual abuse? WOW! Do you ever know how to yank out the victim card! I had the crap kicked out of me by my step dad CONSTANTLY! Did I decide to turn I to a junkie? NO! Do you know why? Because I was to busy with school and then working so I could move the hell out! Sure I use to party back in the day but I knew there was a line and to not cross it. It’s people like you that enable and make crack pot excuses only to justify the junkies behavior. I’ve had it pretty bad at times but NEVER ran to a needle…or a sketchy drug that may or may not be what it should be! The narcan needs to go because all these suicide attempts are going to start killing actual people that need EMS or firemen that are too busy running to overdose victims that end up turning them away anyway! Seriously if narcan is free then maybe the people that make it should just start putting water in it because someone (taxpayers) are paying for it over and over and over along with the welfare or disability cheques these morons are receiving also. Time to cut the cord!

  5. Let them all die and burn their bodies in a giant incinerator that generate hydro. Atleast they provide something back to society. These losers make a choice daily and continue to be a drain on tax payers and a hazard to those around them. They collect welfare/ODSP/prostitute or steal to give these N’s money for dope. Yes the list for rehab is long but in we just executed anyone convicted of selling drugs we would be better off. Instead they get off, do it again with 0 accountability and our police have to start all over with these N scum bags.

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