OVERDOSE: Fentanyl and Narcan Shots on Pearl Street – No Daddy Lane


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Itโ€™s been a busy evening for city police and paramedics, they have been knee deep sorting out addiction-related issues in Thunder Bay.


A male in his late thirties was abusing fentanyl powder when he became unresponsive. He was at a notorious trap house located on Pearl Street right beside the infamous park between Ambrose and Machar. People at the trap narcanโ€™d him about 3 times. After first responders arrived he was finally revived.

Thunder Bay Police, Superior North EMS and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue all responded to the scene. Two ambulances, a police cruiser and a fire truck were dispatched to the scene.

Soon after being revived the male was loaded into a waiting ambulance and was shipped off to the Hilton (Emergency Department of the Hospital) where he will shake off his overdose symptoms under the careful eye of the doctor and nurses on duty.

Sadly, it appeared as tho the ambulance was struggling to start when it was ready to leave. Perhaps some new vehicles for our overworked paramedics are overdue? Just a thought.


If you or someone you know uses drugs and would like to sober up, please reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask them how you can start the journey to sober living.


11 Replies to “OVERDOSE: Fentanyl and Narcan Shots on Pearl Street – No Daddy Lane”

  1. Itโ€™s ridiculous how many resources are tied up repeatedly for this kind of thing. Between this and drunks going to the hospital, the unnecessary stress put on systems and individuals for self-inflicted pain means delayed services and attention for the rest of us. I couldnโ€™t believe the scene in Emerg one night recently, being harassed by drunks, while being stuck in a hallway bed for hours. And apparently it wasnโ€™t a busy night.

    1. Woaaaah lady !!! So ur saying just because ppl who overdose they shouldn’t deserve doctors care??????? Hopefully ur family member has an issue

    2. @ Brittany – why do you assume Iโ€™m a woman? And Iโ€™m not saying people shouldnโ€™t be helped, but 2 ambulances, a cruiser and a fire truck? Ya, Iโ€™d be pissed if that fire truck was needed at a, oh, I donโ€™t know, a fire? And no, I donโ€™t think drunks should be taking beds at the hospital. Maybe they can crash at your place?

  2. Ok. Settle down you two. First of all, the fire trucks are pretty much first responders now. They are as prepared if not more so than ems. Secondly, the park is named Wilson Park a, as it sits on Wilson avenue. Machar has a bad enough name from the porno king already. I just donโ€™t understand how all these โ€˜trapโ€™ houses donโ€™t get busted when the law has already allowed entrance into houses regardless of a search warrant? When someone ODโ€™s at one of these places or the drugs are known to come out of these places, their doors should be kicked down and someone arrested for attempted murder or at a minimum, attempted assisted suicide. Laws were changed to make enforcement easier but nobody seems to be moving forward.

    1. it’s called the “Good Samaritan” law. Basically, a person is free of charges/persecution/warrants etc from police when they call in an overdose to save someone’s life.

    2. Doors kicked down, attempted murder charges. Ya, WE need to settle down…lol.

  3. All part of governments plan to get rid of undesirables , addicts , drunks , and whatever waste air . Save on welfare , disability, cops ambulance , hospitals donโ€™t you get it yet? New world order man. Of course they can stop it They just donโ€™t want to yet , why build a bunch of rehabbed and hire more health workers and spend more money when in a year or two the majority of us addicts will be dead

    1. If so, why do they issue free Narcan? Seems contradictory to your theory.

      Take the Narcan away and let nature take it’s Course.

  4. You all think it’s bad now just wait till those funding cuts for the essential services we need are cut more by CONservative Ford. It is going to get much worse. Just saying.

  5. Becouse The government has to at least show there trying , not every household has Narcan , more lives are still lost to what is saved .like last comment, their right! Things will get worse with ford government

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