OVERDOSE: Opiates and Narcan Shots


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย The ever increasing opiate epidemic seems to have no end in sight. No matter what politicians, police, or the justice systems does to try and deter this behaviour, it seems to continue to grow.


Today was no different. During the noon hour near Clarkson a male had become unresponsive after abusing opiates. After failed attempts to wake him up and his breathing becoming pretty much non-existent, a 911 call was made.

Thunder Bay Police Service sent at least one cruiser, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue sent a pumper truck and Superior North EMS, who are currently down by two ambulances, managed to send two ambulances to this scene.

Narcan was administered and the male was revived. He was carted off the The Hilton Hospital where he will obtain a bed in the emergency department and be monitored by medical professional such as doctors, nurses, etc.

The male is expected to live and will make a complete recovery.


Do you want to sober up? Sick and tired of waking up from a buzz just to find out you overdosed and are surrounded by paramedics demanding to know what you took? Call the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre today and ask them how they can guide you down the path of recovery at 807-684-1880.

Narcan (also known as Naloxone) is a free drug given out by pharmacists almost everywhere. The drug temporarily reverses overdose symptoms and can get someone breathing again who has stopped. Ask your pharmacist for your free Narcan/Naloxone kit. In the United States, many sources have pegged a Narcan/Naloxone kit at $150 USD.


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  1. “No matter what politicians, police, or the justice systems does ……” What Politicians ? They have been so silent on the drug , alcohol and crime problems facing this city it’s almost like there’s nobody holding the fort . Pathetic show of municipal leadership ! !

  2. What do you expect the city council to do? The police are constantly arresting drug dealers and seizing drugs. Do you think council should say no more drug use and they would stop. It used to be โ€œsay no to drugsโ€but a few days ago I saw in the Tbay paper the start of the โ€œknow your drugs campaign โ€œ. Once narcan came out , sure it saved lives but you are now seeing people overdosing twice in the same day. The threat of overdosing and dieing has disappeared . In my opinion free narcan is one of the main reasons you have the drug problem that you have.

    1. Yeah um narcan exists but it in no way guarantees saving a person from OD. People are still dying each and every day. People can still die after having a narcan shot. There are thousands of people on wait lists for rehab in Ontario. People who are trying hard canโ€™t get the help they need. All these people have families and people who love them and are helpless to do anything because there ARE NO BEDS.

    2. The City should put pressure on the province (DSSAB) to tighten up welfare eligibility. Why do you think all of these low lifes are coming to Thunder Bay? It’s so easy to get on and stay on welfare in this town it’s ridiculous. If it were much more difficult, far fewer scammers would come here and those employable bums that are abusing the system would either have to find work or leave.

      City should also keep on the provincial and federal govts for funds to supplement police budget to increase police presence on the streets, along river banks, back alleys and elsewhere that winos and druggers hang out. Keep harassing them everywhere they’re found until they decide either straighten up or leave town. Allowing the drunks and druggers to carry on unhindered only invites more of the same. Crack down and wear them down. Throw them in jail or run them out of town. More cops on the streets is the only way to get that done.

  3. I’m sorry but I agree with an above comment, if they die….so be it. Why do we provide Narcan FREE of charge to drug addicts yet we make diabetics pay for insulin and people with allergies pay for epi-pens????? Something is wrong with this picture. I am sick and tired of having our hospitals tied up with druggies and the expense of the taxpayers. Maybe by NOT providing the Narcan shot, we can “thin the herd”…….

    1. Frustrated- Your not sorry about anything! If I come across some young 14 year old kid strung out on drugs, I will do what ever I can to help them out. This is someones child that they probably love dearly, not some cow from a herd! Whats next, letting over weight people die from heart attacks because they eat too much or let all smokers die because they smoke? Lets not forget the drinkers! Go have some hot chocolate to warm up your heart! Your not a God that decides who lives or dies!

    2. Iโ€™m sick and tired of 10x as many people clogging up the health system from eating fattening junk food and sugar and sitting on their couches not moving, yeah heart disease and diabetes cost more and are MORE preventable. Donโ€™t see those people doing too much to help themselves either. By your logic those people shouldnโ€™t be saved either.

    3. I’m with Frustrated.

      Play Russian roulette with drugs, expect to get shot sooner or later. If a person chooses to indulge in high risk behaviour, why should we as a society, support that activity by providing drugs that will keep the drug abuser alive so they can do it again tomorrow? Fourteen or forty, I don’t care. Play the game, pay the price. The sooner they take themselves out, the better.
      Might be heartbreaking to find out a loved one died from drugs, but you can bet that most friends and relatives of chronic drug abusers have been living a life of heartbreak since the day the drugger started the habit. With death comes sadness but relief as well for those that had to live with drug abusers. I know. I lived it.

    4. What if that was your child or loved one, these are still people ,human beings. No one wakes up one day and decides to become a drug addict. Some young people overdose the first time they try drugs. Everyone deserves to live, and deserves the help to recover.

  4. When I overdosed on China White Heroin in 2013 it cost me >$600 for ambulance services. I am clean now for 3 years from Methadone/Suboxone, and 5 years from recreational drugs (not including Cannabis). Naloxone should cost these junkies money. I always think about how it cost me more than $600 to be alive. It really made me realize that even if I am blue in the face, and 12 minutes unconscious on a friends floor I still need $600 plus to be helped.

  5. How gross is it that junkies get free Narcan kits so, they donโ€™t kill themselves but, I have to pay $100 for 1 shot of glucagon to save my child during a type 1 Diabetic seizure. Now thatโ€™s messed up!!!

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