Legs Run Over by City Bus at City Hall


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s no secret that the south downtown core has a serious issue with substance and alcohol abuse. Groups of people can often be seen passing around a box of Kelly’s Fine Wine as they lurk or loiter the area.


Yesterday was no exception. A rider on a Thunder Bay City Bus tells us that she was riding the bus around 3:45 pm when it turned a corner in front of city hall and she felt the bus bump up and down as it negotiated the turn.

Once the bus stopped it was determined that the bus driver had possibly run over a man’s legs.

Overhearing the bus drivers discussion with a police officer, the driver indicated he did not see the man or his legs.

A witness believes the man was passed out on the curb and flung his legs out onto the road just as the bus was passing by. A different witness says the man had been chasing the bus, tapping the windows trying to get it to pull over when he fell and his legs went under the tires.


The male was shipped off to the Hilton Hosptial (Emergency Department)by ambulance  to get medical attention for what witnesses believe is two broken legs.

If anyone has any photos or additional information about this incident, please reach out to us via our news email at tips@trcctb.com


9 Replies to “Legs Run Over by City Bus at City Hall”

  1. Oh my god! This is so unfair that our drivers need to protect themselves from these people sleeping or running onto the streets. It’s very unfair for our people to have to jeopardize our safety on the account of being harassed constantly by these individuals. Harassing me for money, sleeping in the streets, in the bushes and in the hallways of buildings is a safety issue for our families. I don’t know if someone will spit on me, come at me with a weapon or try to steal my stuff. I feel bad for this driver, he should be protected and I feel others should stand with me to protect the driver. I do hope this individual gets the help that he needs, if that wasn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

  2. All I can say is that I feel sorry for the person who was run over and for the city bus driver. Judging by the previous comments it is obvious that they do not believe in god or karma. Judge not lest ye be judged and may you be spared in your greatest time of sorrow which is bound to come….

  3. Sad for the man that this happened to but obviously if he was sleeping on the curb then it was his own fault not the bus drivers. It was good to hear that he was not seriously hurt but on the other hand he could have been killed. If he had not been so drunk his legs probably would both have been broken or crushed he was a very lucky man.
    It is sad to see all these homeless people on the streets drunk, stoned or passed out. It makes you almost afraid to walk or drive by them because you never know what they are going to do. Most of them are harmless but never the less there are the ones who are not harmless. It is almost useless for the police to pick them up and throw them in a drunk tank which we do not have enough to put them all in so what is the other alternative who knows they take them to the hospital put them up there till they sleep it off then go out and start all over again. Meanwhile the people waiting in front or medical care have to wait sometimes hours because of these drunks and addicts get to sleep it off at our expense.
    Our once clean and beautiful city is not that way anymore. Sure do hope that we can find a salution to this it would be nice to have our city back again..’
    Just one persons opinion………..

    1. The best way to reduce the number of druggers and winos on our streets is to have the City and province put pressure on Thunder Bay DSSAB to introduce drug/alcohol screening for welfare recipients and applicants. Regularly screen the above. Any dope or alcohol in their systems, off the dole they go. It is that simple.

      Introduce drug and alcohol screening for welfare scammers and watch the exodus of hundreds, if not thousands of parasites from the city. We’d have our city back in a mere few months.

  4. I feel there should be criminal charges laid against these people…..they are either using illegal drugs or they are drunk in public…….either way they are not nice to see in public, some end up using up the time of our EMS and hospital to sleep off there alcohol or drug of choice and that takes away from the care for people who are sick and really want to live, they take up time from our police who have to deal with these culprits when there are other crimes being committed in our city. Maybe if some of these people spent some time in jail they might think twice about the choices they are making. I find it amazing how years ago this was a nice, safe city and now………when there is soooo much help available for these people, it is a disgusting city. I heard there is a new law coming into place next month ……drivers can receive up to a $1000.00 fine for eating while driving but it is ok for drunks to be wandering around our streets harassing people and passing out anywhere or drug addicts can get away with using ILLEGAL drugs……key word being ILLEGAL,,,,,so why aren’t these people charged and dealt with?????

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