Stunt Driver NAILED Going 197km/h in a 90 Zone – Charges Laid


(IGNACE, ON) – Speed kills, it’s no joke. P/C Menard, a member of the Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a motorcycle after hitting him on the radar doing 100km/h+ over the posted speed limit.


This person could have easily killed themselves or other motorists on the road. At that speed a helmet and other safety gear would almost certainly be useless during a collision.

The driver was charged with not only stunt driving, but they did not have the proper class licence as well. The motorcycle was clocked at going 197km/h in a 90 zone in Ignace.

The Ontario Provincial Police would like to remind motorists to slowdown and remain safe and alert when driving.

Police had the vehicle impounded and seized due to the excessive speed.


Source: OPP


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