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(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A serious incident unfolded in the city where a woman’s home was broken into which resulted in her vehicle being stolen.


The woman was on the top floor of her home when the crooks broke into her home and stole her vehicle keys along with a TV. This happened in the 400 block of Dawson Street. Diving equipment, skis and two pairs of hunting boots were also stolen.

Immediately after, the criminals lurked outside of the home, loaded the TV into the homeowner’s vehicle and stolen the black 2018 Toyota RAV 4 bearing licence plate number CFDD 894. The vehicle currently has a bike rack installed on the back of it but thieves may have removed it.

The homeowner is shook and is hoping to have their stuff returned undamaged. This particular crime is inline with the recent uptick in property crimes which result in thefts and break and enters, often the result of drug-seeking behaviour in a town where addiction seems to be running rampant.

TRCCTB.COM is asking the public to remain alert and to call police immediately if you spot this vehicle. Let’s help this young woman get her belongings back and hopefully in time, her sense of security.


Photos were obtained through Facebook.


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  1. This sounds like a very brazen home invasion.

    Just curious, but was all of the above activity observed by the victim? Were the police called as soon as she noticed that something was going on? One would think the cops could get there in time to interrupt the crime or at the very least intercept the stolen vehicle soon after leaving the scene?

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