3 Girls Around 12y/o Terrified After Man Stalks Them


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Its scary to think about, even more so if you have kids but itโ€™s becoming concerning even in good neighbourhoods to allow children to wander alone.


Friday night just before 9:00 pm group of 3 girls aged around 12-years-old were enjoying their lives and playing at Carrick Park when things started to get creepy. They noticed a man in a black car starring at them from the parking lot.

The girls grew ever more nervous as the man would not stop staring at them. A decision was made collectively by the girls to leave the park in hopes the man would leave them alone.

As soon as the girls started to make their way down the street, the black car started and started to follow them ever so slowly.

In an attempt to lose the man following them, the girls zig zagged through a couple side streets, but it was unsuccessful, the man in the black car continued to pursue the group of three girls.


At this point the girls became overtaken with fear and started running, screaming and crying in fear. The 3 girls broke into a neighbours backyard on Empress Ave South and locked themselves in there.

Neighbours in the area came running to their aid, supplying them with juice and blankets as well as reassuring them they were safe.

A 911 call was made and police came to speak with the girls in the front yard of the home. The girls were terrified after a few black vehicles drove past and one of the girls had an asthma attack. The police are continuing their investigation into this situation.

None of the three girls had a cell phone.

A REAL Concerned neighbour that lives in the area told TRCCTB.COM in an interview that โ€œIn the past few years we have seen an uptick in strange and scary things in our neighbourhood.ย People use our street to get to the John St row houses and the Picton area. Strange cars, police sirens, people wandering down our street at all hours of the night.โ€.

That same neighbour explains that the area is getting worse and worse for kids and she fears for what the future holds.


Anyone with more information about this incident is urged to reach out to us via text/call at 807-355-8917 or via email at tips@trcctb.com.


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  1. wow pretty bad that now it is light out longer and children can play in the parks that they are driven away by strangers stalking them. It is no wonder that the kids do not want to go out to play when these kind of things are going on. Hope that the person is caught Be safe kids play in groups never alone and if you do happen to have a cell phone use it & dial 911 right away hoping all kids have a happy safe summer

  2. Hey parents, time to teach your kids how to read a license plate instead of just letting them read texts from their friends all day.

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