Violent Boot Stomp Beat Down Closes Arthur Street


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ We have now confirmed what caused a late night heavy police presence on Arthur Street, as we did uncover some information.


Police had closed off a portion of Arthur Street closed near the Airlane Hotelโ€™s entrance to the intersection of Mountdale and Arthur.

Only one westbound lane remained open to traffic.

Numerous police cars were seen at the Moose and Goose, along with yellow tape closing off an area there.

A group of three Indigenous males brutally assaulted a lone Caucasian male on the sidewalk in front of Moose and Goose. There was a brief verbal altercation just before the merciless beating began. Witnesses to the beat down say that they were relentlessly kicking and stomping on his face, head, and body. The male lost consciousness and was still unresponsive when an ambulance took him to the emergency department.


The male eventually regained consciousness but has at least a broken jaw.

Police are continuing their investigation.

Anyone with photos of the incident or more information is urged to email us

This is a developing story and we will have more information out as soon as possible.


16 Replies to “Violent Boot Stomp Beat Down Closes Arthur Street”

  1. Enjoy checking out bands at Moose and Goose, but after 11:30pm you notice a tide rolling in.

  2. Wow!
    3 chiefs beat up one guy and all thatโ€™s wrong is a couple bruises and a broken jaw.
    Hopefully it wonโ€™t take long to find the scum and send them packing,

    1. Nope. He probably ripped them off some dope. Not all Caucasian are clean for the record, lol.

  3. This bulls**t appears to be getting a regular thing in this town. I sure hope people out there have others with them when they are out and about in the evenings to avoid becoming victims, and I hope the police catch these bastards. Believe me it was probably because he didn’t have money or smokes for these jokers.

  4. I think the Ontario government and the federal government should pitch in for building a temporary overflow jail in the City of Thunder Bay. There are numerous vacant buildings that can be used for this purpose. I think that Criminal Code remand criteria needs to be tightened especially with all the brutal offenders terrorizing the population of the of this city.

    1. Hate to say it but remand and sentencing criteria will not improve until they stop following the what was said in the Gladue report…they are now mandated to hand down less serious penalties according to the Gladue report.

  5. Send these guys and any like them back to their home reservations. Obviously they donโ€™t know how to act civilized. They were probably kicked out from there for this same kind of crap.

    1. i agree with Baily,they were likely kicked off there reserves for the same stuff that they are doing in thunder bay.send them back or lock them up .

  6. a broken jaw? ouch… his wife will be the only one happy, she won’t have to listen to him

  7. I suspect that the “Caucasian” likely wasn’t just jumped and beaten. Knowing that he was outnumbered, he possibly should have kept his mouth shut, used better judgement and left the area before getting the sh!t kicked out of him.

  8. Racism? Reconciliation? Who is the racist, and how do you reconcile with those whose culture is steeped in violence as a means of power, and control over the weaker members of their race, not to mention their animosity to the rest of us. No Thank you

  9. We need to bring public lynchings!! I got lots of rope and can find a big ole tree!! To hell with the justice system…we see exactly how well that is working. You hang enough of them they may get the message!!

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