EMS Goes Code Black: Over 60 Intoxicated People Found Around Town Yesterday/Overnight


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The first of the month combined with a few other factors have resulted in the busiest day we have ever reported on for Thunder Bayโ€™s amazing, hard-working first responders.


We have been told that responding to drunk people passed out around the city is Superior North EMS and Thunder Bay Fire Rescueโ€™s most frequent call for service.

The Thunder Bay Fire Rescue responds to medical calls under the โ€œTiered Response Programโ€ where they also get the call as firefighters have limited training in first aid and other medically assistive techniques. The tiered response program has saved numerous lives, especially when the next ambulance is either a distance away or not available at all.

Yesterday was no different. Between the tiered response program, Superior North EMS, Thunder Bay Police Service and the Shelter Houses SOS program, there were at least 60 calls for service due to someone being too intoxicated. That number could be as much as twice as high, but it is difficult to gather reliable information, 60 is the lowest and itโ€™s definitely way higher than that.

The strain on first responders didnโ€™t stop overnight either, around 5:30am this morning, there was no ambulances available if you were to call. We were told that Superior North EMS went into yet another โ€œCode Blackโ€. Luckily, some quick shuffling and pulling an ambulance off a call where there was no immediate danger to life kept responses to all calls at least happening, the response times were higher than average.


Thunder Bay needs a larger detox centre that comes equipped with their own vehicles to pick up people who have done too much drugs or booze. Our emergency department and first responders shouldnโ€™t have to be swamped with these issues when there is an alternative, and much better solution that can be applied for this.

Numerous other cities in Canada have a way better system setup so that their ambulances and emergency departments donโ€™t get bogged down day after day. Also, the addict/alcoholic gets better treatment from their issues when they have a team focused on getting them help for their addiction, not just helping them sober up. Itโ€™s a win-win.

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15 Replies to “EMS Goes Code Black: Over 60 Intoxicated People Found Around Town Yesterday/Overnight”

  1. I have to agree on this one subject, obviously what if there was a “REAL” emergency our ambulances should not be tied up like this so your right there “should” be a separate entity for these cases

  2. Frustrating to say the least.
    And that tit Ford thinks we need more access to booze.
    I wish that f*ckin fool would come spend one day in this shit hole town.
    Alcohol is no doubt the largest contributing factor to the strain on our emergency services.
    Code Black now, Code “Does not Compute” when the idiot Ford gets his way.

    1. Is it the alcohol or that certain segment of our “society” abusing alcohol and drugs that is causing the problems? A 40 oz. sitting on the shelf at the LCBO isn’t causing anyone any grief.

      Lay the blame where it belongs.

  3. Okay this pisses me off. So if someone needs the ambulance because of an accident, heart attack, injury from using tools, break a limb they r busy with the local drunks and addicts who probably donโ€™t work and r begging on the roads with their signs for their next fix. Screw them I say they choose that life. That person who really needs the ambulance for a legit reason should get first dubs. Sorry drunks and addicts. You made your decision as we all do. Yes Pino I agree two different services to attend to the regular population For why an ambulance is called and a โ€œspecialโ€ ambulance for all those others who take up more of everyoneโ€™s time then they should.

  4. i say open the old L P H.HOSPITAL and turn it into a detox center, I mean its just sitting there empty and it would get all the drunks and druggies off the streets.hire a few guards and that would help free up the ambulances and create a few new jobs. kind of like a shelter place or detox center. its sitting there empty anyways..this city needs a wake up call.

    1. You read my mind. That is exactly how I feel. They can have there own driver with a patty wagon or such to go gathering them up as needed. He’d be extremely busy. Our ambulances are for sick people not for drunks and druggies that are to stupid to look after themselves. I have no sympathy for drunks or druggies.

  5. thunder bay is rampant with systemic racsim and just plain ignorance. their ignorance feeds the problem. these people have little to no support. NO ONE! not mommy and daddy no brothers or sisters no family or friends they can reach out to and ask for help. These people suffer all day every day feeling worthless living in a province /country that hates them that wont employ them that looks at them like they are subhuman and should just go off into a corner and drink themselves to death. how in the fu*k would you react to living in a community that like that. we are appauled by how blacks have been treated thru history…well the Aboriginals may not have a seperate drinking fountain but they sure as fuck feel like they do!! thunder bay itself is a shithole and most of the people are ignorant racist fucks who should try opening a book before their mouths. its easy to judge from the comfort of your nice house and new truck..
    it has nothing to do with hard work either so fuck off with reply. im in the trades and i bust my ass and i barely scratch a living. it takes support family friends financial support and resources. without any of those youd be in the same fuckin boat!
    and yes ford is a c*nt and without better outsourcing programs to take up the slack in the emerg system…it will bogged down by things like this and its unfair to everyone!

    1. Almost gagged on that crock of sh!t Paula.

      Every one of those losers came from somewhere. They all have the same support systems as the rest of Canadians. Every one of them has the same opportunities to seek employment and be contributing member to society but they don’t.

      Please explain to me why coloured people from foreign counties who come to Canada and Thunder Bay manage to find work and be productive? Been to Walmart lately? Have you noticed who’s operating the tills? It’s mostly Indians – East Indians. Haven’t seen one of the regular winos/druggers/panhandlers off the street working there yet.

      These drug addicted alcoholic bums choose the lifestyle they live. What’s easier than being a lowlife welfare abusing scammer? All they need to qualify for that job is no self esteem, no dignity and no pride. They abuse every aspect of our social safety nets with no intent on ever being contributing citizens. Parasites all the way. Rest assured they will not be missed.

    2. Paula I suggest you do some reading starting with Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind the Indigenous Cultural Perservation and then go on to read The Indian Act and then also There is No Difference: An Argument for the Abolition of the Indian Reserve system and Special Race-Based Laws and Entitlements for Canada’s Indians. These books dispel all the myths and liberate the truth as to why the Indians in this country are in the disgusting state they are in and who is to really be held accountable for it. I will give you a hint. It is not the Non-Natives as so many people, both native and non-native, in this country have been brainwashed to believe. The Indian Act is a paternalistic, oppressive, archiac, racist outdated piece of legislation that contuinues to exist because some very powerful Indians demand it stays. For SOME very priviledged natives, the cash for life benefits outweight the disgusting and often inhumane conditions their people are forced to live under under. I suspect the word racist is getting kind of old hat now because we have heard it used over and over, so now I suppose the new word to disrespect and insult the non natives wiill be genocide. Until that Iindan Act is abolished we can all expect more of the same old, same old pity party. So Paula before you go ranting on and on , please make sure you have your ducks all lined up in a row first.

    3. Paula you need therapy for your misguided hate and angry. Education will cure your ignorance. A new set of glasses will let you see and witness what is really happening in Thunder Bay and cure your racist blindness.

      Get the help you need….

    4. You had me kind of agreeing with you until you used the C**t word. There is just something about that word being used especially by a woman that just makes me think they are a crude pig. It turned me right off of any agreement I had with you. Go pound salt. See from that report you found a new phrase. Systemic Racism. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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