(PHOTOS) A Flood Warning Has Been Issued, Roads Washed Out


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning for the Lakehead Region including:

  • Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge
  • Municipality of Neebing
  • Township of Oโ€™Connor
  • Township of Gillies

The LRCA advises that approximately 17 to 32 millimetres of rain has been recorded overnight with the higher amounts recorded on the Whitefish River and Township of Oโ€™Connor. Additional rain may occur over the next 24 hours.

The Whitefish River is rising at a rapid pace and will likely continue to rise over the day. Reports of roads overtopping in the general area have been reported. The village of Hymers is experiencing flooding. Additionally, other tributaries in the area are also reacting to the recent rainfall.

A Flood Warning is issued when flooding is imminent or occurring.

The public is advised to exercise caution in and around area waterways and remove stored items adjacent to stream banks to higher ground. Parents and caregivers advised to keep children away from all waterways.


Authority staff will continue to monitor conditions as part of its flood forecasting and warning program.

This flood warning will be updated by 4:00pm.

Currently, there are several road closures at the following locations:

  • Highway 588 at Logan Road
  • Highway 588 at Highway 593

Water over the road:

  • Old Silver Mountain Road and Leeper Road

  • Pardee Road and Devon Road
  • Delint Road and North Side Road
  • Highway 593 and Sunset Road
  • Highway 588 and Rintala Loop
  • Old Mill Road at base of the Bailey bridge.

The Whitefish River is currently 1.9 metres above normal level.

The Townships of Gillies and Oโ€™Connor are also experiencing flooding. Please contact their Township offices for any updates.


Updates will be provided as they become available.

Photos submitted by anonymous.

More details on locations at the link below:


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  1. Good to see you posting these pics. Would be nice to know where exactly the pics were taken? Planning on heading past Nolalu tomorrow but not sure which route to take? Assume that 590 is good to the 588 turn off and that west of the turn off is still passable?

  2. The corner of Leeper Road and Silver Mountain Road washed out 3 times when I was living in the area. I spoke to MTO when they were replacing the culvert last time, suggesting it be placed with a larger culvert. It was not. And this is the result. Come on people, it isn’t rocket science. The volume of water it too much for the size of the culvert. DUH………… Put in a larger culvert!!!

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