The Frederica Flailer Goes to the Park


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Westfort residents be advised, there’s a flailer lurking the area.


She was spotted first on Frederica street, doing the jive in the designated smoking area for an apartment building which contains seniors and children.

If you see someone flailing out, call the Shelter House and request the SOS van come out and assist the person.

Alternatively, you can dial 911 and request an ambulance. Sadly, some people will refuse medical help and continue flailing.

Flailers and drug users please stay indoors and do not expose children to this behaviour.


Below is the video.

Sober up, think about getting help. Thunder Bay Counselling Centre can help 807-684-1880.


4 Replies to “The Frederica Flailer Goes to the Park”

  1. What a god forsaken mess. These people are so far gone they’re beyond recovery.

    The up side is that their lives will usually be very short. Drugs and poor judgement will cash them in early.

  2. Oh Great!
    The Libtards are gonna see this and will start calling for a ban on swings.
    “Swings are dangerous! Flailers get tangled up in them. The need to be able to flail freely:….

  3. Sweet lord Jesus save us from the plague these monsters spread into our community and the poison they give to those who hurt.

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