Out of Control Forest Fire Shuts Down Highway 599 to Pickle Lake


(PICKLE LAKE, ON) – A forest fire is developing rapidly along Highway 599 and has shut down the highway.


Ontario Provincial Police are on location and have shut down traffic north of Savant Lake up to Pickle Lake where the flames are reportedly jumping across the road.

There is currently no way to exit Pickle Lake as both entrances are engulfed by flames.

Residents are being told to pack a bag and wait near the airport in case an evacuation order is made. It seems imminent at this point unless crews can gain control of the situation quickly.

Massive efforts are underway to sort out the fire. Above is the road into Pickle Lake shown.


Jean Jeaques Vezina is in Pickle Lake at the moment and has told our newsroom that Highway 599 is closed about 10 minutes south of Pickle Lake.

Numerous updates are coming in.

Residents are terrified.

He tells us that the fire appears to be growing rapidly and is closing in on the community.

Waterbombers have arrived in the area as of 6:00 pm Thunder Bay time.

Fire crews are working tirelessly to battle the flames. Stay safe citizens. Waterbombers are active in the area.


Another waterbomber photo showing how close to the homes they are working.

More photos from the scene.

This is a developing story and we will provide updates as they are available.

Below shows more carnage developing from the area.

If you have any information or photos/videos to share, please contact us via text/call at 807-355-8917 or email us at tips@trcctb.com.

Photos courtesy Jean Jeaques Vezina AKA β€œGizmo”, Chase Taks, Fay Green and multiple Anonymous’.


UPDATE From the township of Pickle Lake:

JUNE 7 10:03 AM: The Township has NOT DECLARED a state of emergency at this time.

The Community Hall will remain open for the remainder of the day. Coffee will be served and a light breakfast is being served as well. There is power available for charging. Residents are free to leave on their own accord however WE ARE NOT in an evacuation state.

The Community Hall will remain open for the remainder of the day. Coffee will be served and a light breakfast is being served as well.

MNRF has 6 crews on the ground right now suppressing hot spots and Water Bombers are in the air.

We will be posting updates as they become available.


We ask that you remain calm during this time, obey traffic control and direction given by OPP/FIRE/Municipal Staff and EMS

If you require EMS Services Please call 807-928-2255

To report further fires please call 310-3473

Updates will continue to be posted here.


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