(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ A south side pawn shop is rattled after some scumbag lifted some product from their premises.


Westfort Pawn stated in a Facebook post that the man in the photo is believed to have stolen a Nintendo Switch from the store.

Theft is a major issue for small businesses in Thunder Bay and across the nation. As our city is in the midst of an opioid and crack epidemic, the outlook looks bleak once meth becomes more prominent. Meth has been sweeping the prairie provinces, and its headed east. Meth is already in Thunder Bay in large amounts. It is only ย matter of time before meth-fueled thefts become common place. Meth is one of the worst drugs that drives addicts to theft and much worse activities to supply their habit.

Theft is often a result of โ€œdrug-seekingโ€ behaviour exhibited by people that have lost control of their habits/addiction.

Theft hurts small business owners, it causes them to have to raise prices to cover their loss or close down their store because it is no longer viable.


Westfort Pawn is asking the public to identify this suspect.


4 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Heist Suspect”

  1. At least its a legible image of the perp.

    Unfortunately, he will get off with a slap on the wrist and be back at it next week.

    1. This is the truth our judicial system is a joke. 1 day in jail and 1 year probation every time.

  2. gotta leave the boxes on display with no product inside unfortunately in this city. especially with expensive items like gaming systems.

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