IDENTIFY: Backyard Lurker Caught on Camera


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Yet another criminal looking to execute a โ€œcrime of opportunityโ€ as the courts reference this type of activity. This time, caught on camera.


These types of crimes where a criminal is checking car doors, ransacking cars and browsing back yards for anything they can take of value are an ever-increasing issue in not only Thunder Bay, but the region and nation. These crimes are almost always fueled by an out of control addiction to heavy drugs such as opiates and methamphetamines.

Our courthouse is packed with story after story of similar people being busted after their addiction spirals out of control to the point they turn to crime to fulfill their habits. This is a telltale sign illustrating the imbalance between addictions levels and addiction services in Thunder Bay.

Numerous active drug addicts have reached out to TRCCTB and have informed us with urgency in their voice that Thunder Bay does not have anywhere near an adequate detox centre or rehabilitation options for addicts that want help now. They get put on wait lists that are often months long. This results in the addicts losing the will to recover and relapsing into oblivion.

Resources need to be available when the addict wants help. Asking them to wait 5+ months is not helpful. They rarely still have the drive to sober up when they arrive at the front of the wait list that they did when they asked for help. For a city like Thunder Bay that is clearly in a drug addiction epidemic to not have an extensive detox centre with numerous beds and rehab facilities waiting to take people in, boggles the mind.


But hey, roundabouts and crap. Below is the first video showing the man entering the backyard.

Below is the video showing the man exiting the backyard. Name drop in the comments or inbox us.

Stop prowling at night. Sober up. Reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre at 807-684-1880 and ask them about how you can start your journey to sobriety.

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