Identify This Carhopping Thief Scum-Bucket


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ As is tradition, vehicles across Thunder Bay have been ransacked overnight in no doubt, various neighbourhoods.


We often receive photos and videos of thieves in action and today is no different.

The photo in this article was forwarded to us regarding Natalie Ferris and her husbands vehicle being ransacked by the low-life in the image.

The thief made off with an undisclosed amount of property that was inside the vehicle.

A police report is said to have been made and identifying this individual is on the to-do list today for all REAL Concerned Citizens.


If you or anyone you know can identify this guy, please supply your guess in either the comments, text it to 807-355-8917 or email it to

This โ€œcrime of opportunityโ€ is often driven by โ€œdrug-seeking behaviourโ€ executed by people who have lost control of their addiction and resort to crimes such as theft and robbery. By having these people arrested and run through the criminal justice system, they are often placed on probation after some possible time served in jail. Probation gives them access to government funded forms of rehabilitory programs that can hopefully help them make changes in their lives to stop further criminal activity.


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  1. I get this is shitty behavior however seeing as this is a ongoing problem wouldn’t it be a good idea to lock your doors. You can’t change other peoples behavior but you can make it harder for them to steal your shit

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