Large Power Outage Impacting Thousands of Citizens.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Two large areas of Thunder Bay are without power this morning, leaving thousands of residents ROCKED.


Power first went out sometime between 3:30am and 4:00am in a large area of the city.

An almost city-wide flutter of the power grid caused numerous neighbourhoods to suffer a flicker of the power.

Power is currently out down Balmoral.

Hydro is also out along parts of John Street, High Street, Oliver Road and areas in between as pictured below.



Unfortunately for some power has still not been restored. Synergy is blaming the outages on due to an accident near the intersection of the Expressway and Balmoral.

Hydro crews are on site and working dilligently to get the lights back on as residents are waking up and getting ready for work.

Synergy says that power should be turned back on in all parts of the city around 7:00 am.

Do you have a photo of the crash? Send it in via text 807-355-8917 or via email at


2 Replies to “Large Power Outage Impacting Thousands of Citizens.”

  1. It pretty obvious that the southbound late model Jeep Wrangler that took out the pole caused the power outage. For some strange reason, TBPS won’t divulge any info regarding what caused the interruption. However, anyone with half a brain can easily determine the cause when one sees a severed hydro pole and a demolished vehicle in the immediate vicinity.

    Cops are also being tight lipped regarding details of the accident. It was a violent and spectacular event with high voltage wires burning and exploding during and shortly after the collision. It was like a man made thunderstorm.

    The Jeep had to have been traveling at very high rate of speed to cut a 50 cm diameter hydro pole completely in two then proceed to tumble and roll for another 300 feet or so to land behind the HAGI building totally demolished. Pretty sure the driver would have sustained some fairly serious injuries.

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