Dogs Living in Treacherous Conditions, Owners Dodge OSPCA


(WHITE RIVER, ON) โ€“ย No matter what people differ on opinions when it comes to law, politics or other substantial online debate, it seems matters of animal welfare is one of the few subjects where the majority of people unite under.


A dog rescue has informed the public of two dogs that have been living an apparent hell on earth. We have been told this situation unfolded in the small community of White River, Ontario.

โ€œThis is the story of two dogs. Left in a pen outside all year round โ€“ and chained โ€“ for 6 years of their lives. No shade in the summer โ€“ as u can see they dig holes to keep cool in โ€“ no cover from the harsh winter except a dog house.โ€ stated One Paw At A Time.

They further stated that โ€œThe owner has openly admitted they cannot properly care for them โ€“ that their living conditions are not good โ€“ and that the dogs have been outside for years โ€“ because they have a large family so they keep them outside. They literally just feed and water them and they just sit there. THIS IS NOT OKAY! THIS IS NOT PROPER ANIMAL CARE.โ€

โ€œSomeone went to help the female which winded up pinned under a board โ€“ who knows for how long. Someone helped the dog and seen the conditions it was living in. The dog had a stinky wound around itโ€™s neck from it choke collar and needed a bath badly. Once the police caught wind of this they went and intimidated and basically threatened her to give the dog back โ€“ all the while not taking the condition of the dog into consideration.โ€ Stated the dog rescue.


โ€œThe dog was returned and put right back on its chain in is cell โ€“ then brought out to the reserve and stuck into a much smaller cage โ€“ so the owner could dodge the investigation from the SPCA that everyone has been calling in for. โ€ The dog rescue explained.

โ€œThen were moved again when found again. THIS IS WHEN THEY NEED YOU TO BE THEIR VOICE! We will NOT be intimated by an officer who cannot do his job! Please share! A complaint is being made in regards to the officer and the detachment itself. Numerous SPCAโ€™s have been contacted. Humane societies throughout northern Ontario have also been contacted. Enough is enough.โ€ Was the closing statement the dog rescue made.

Below is a statement Kylie-Marie Berthiaume made regarding the situation.

โ€These dogs where located in white river Ontario!

A by stander found the first dog tied with a choker stuck to a fence! She then notice the other dog and the conditions were horrendous so she unclipped the pup who was stuck and brought her home. She had noticed the dogs choker had embedded into her neck. The police were call but they made her give the dog back despite the conditions and neglect the dog has faced for 7 YEARS! Yes those dogs lived like this for 7 years!

When the dog was given back they put her right back in the same situation but tied her into the pen.


These dogs donโ€™t leave those areas. They arenโ€™t given dog food or water, they donโ€™t go for walks and has never had a bath! They eat raw meat scraps no one wants.

When the original post blew up and the spca started an investigation the owners got scared and moved them to pick mobert reservation and put them in small metal crates cause the spca cant do anything about it.

The police were also called on the by stander about the post for neglect and the police told her she has to remove the post or sheโ€™ll be charged with harassment. The video is attached below

So here I am!!! Iโ€™ll share this and stand up to.. they canโ€™t charge everyone! Share the crap out of this and letโ€™s get justice for these poor pups!โ€

The video below is described by the dog rescue as an officer appearing to pass off that this treatment is ok.

1 888 668 7722 is the OSPCA # or you can email them at


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20 Replies to “Dogs Living in Treacherous Conditions, Owners Dodge OSPCA”

  1. I absolutely despise people who treat animals like this. What the f**k is wrong with their heads anyways. If they cannot properly care for the animals as they so admit then give them up or take them to the humane society so someone else could adopt them and give them a good home instead of living in your dumpy yard with garbage and boards in their pens.
    People like you should be put in the same pen year round and treated the same way.
    I am pretty sure I have a chain big enough for your neck in my shed. Let me know when to dig it out because you certainly deserve the same treatment you dish out.

    1. This is a country club compared to what’s going on in your back yard just take a ride up highway 597 in South Gillies and you will find a scrap yard with no hydro or water well hidden behind all the scrap you will find 20 to 30 border collies living in horrible conditions the sumbags don’t live there but breed these dogs just for profit they have a nice web site so don’t be fooled

    2. I agree. Where the heck do they get the money for these animals purebred or otherwise, I didn’t know welfare or government paid for dogs? It sickens me as well. You should pull your chains out and find out where they live. I don’t believe that the detachment can’t go and get the dogs.

    3. This so called owner needs to be held responsible,,,and same with opp officer for not dealing with the issue ,,,,whats wrong with pps?

    4. I hope these poor dogs have been rescued…..They are not loved living in that kind of situation.The one dog has a wound on his neck that needs to be treated….The black flies will soon be out and at the dogs….I hope they have been rescued….and have a great loving home โค๏ธ

  2. awww I am praying they will do the right thing and give up these dogs to a rescue and let them be vet treated and adopted out to homes.. Have a heart, this is not what you wanted for your dogs, no one bothers with them, they arent walked or played with, just let them go and have the rest of their life in a home.

  3. Ive been looking for another Malamute for a while now.
    Ill take those dogs…and not call the police.

  4. So WTF is everyone that should and have some kind of Authority to take these poor dogs away. So would it be o.k if it was a Child I fucking think not someone needs to start doing their jobs now. And to the so called owner throw their asses in Jail for ANIMAL Abuse and Neglect this is Sickening to say the least that we have people that work for the Animals what for if they cannot do something about this now

  5. I absolutely agree with above comment…They need the same punishment as they are inflicting on the dogs..What is wrong with the police…it is their job to enforce the animal cruelty laws and these people should be severely punished and SPCA needs to take these animals NOW….This is absolutely disgusting…

    My heart breaks for these beautiful creatures..

  6. This is crazy these poor dogs should not be living like this give up the dogs so they can have a better live what is wrong with you . You people who are treating these dogs this way are not right in the head this can not keep happening the police officer was no help at all you can see how bad the conditions are that these poor dogs are living in what is this world coming to when even the police will not even help a helpless animal if you saw children living like this would you not help them these dogs are a living creature and have feelings and feel pain and sorrel and love so please help these dogs

  7. There is no use going on and on about how despicable this situation is….if someone with the information can put me in touch with these people I would be happy to purchase the dogs from them. I will arrange transportation to Thunder Bay for them and get vet care for them. They could then be adopted to loving homes.

  8. I’m so sick of the useless ospca and police not doing anything in regards to animal cruelty. Look at the giant disaster in tilbury Ontario with the dog fighting. Do your job and help these creatures. This is another pathetic example that shows that the society is useless and things need to change. No wonder people take matters Into there own hands anymore!

  9. Offer the owners $50 for the dogs, they will likely sell them. They clearly don’t want them. They will not be punished but at least the dogs will be vetted and rehomed. I’m sure some will donate to crowd funding. If it were easier to surrender animals this probably wouldn’t happen.

  10. Itโ€™s shameful the was our laws allow animals to be treated but once a dog has a wound or injury that is not being treated the law allows for intervention. The injury must be treated or the dog can be taken away. This SPCA officer was not doing his job. Then the dogs were brought to a reservation which I believe is sovereign land and Iโ€™m not 100% on the which laws and bylaws can be enforced but I donโ€™t think anything could be done for the dogs at that point. So sad.

  11. I agree with you Santafe 100%. When is our society and government going to wake up and realize that animals feel pain just like people. I wish there was more laws to protect animals. Instead we coddle and try to revive junkies who have a choice by the way, spend money on all our resources just to go out there and do it again. An animal just wants to be cared for and loved. You get unconditional love in return. It is frustrating to here the officer’s remarks on this story. He obviously doesn’t have a pet or even someone in his life that shows love to him. I have a rescue dog, you would not believe the story of where she came from. It would break your heart.

  12. I am disgusted with this!!! These people will go to hell for what they’ve done to these innocent and loving beings. My heart just aches for them

  13. It is heart warming to see so many people feeling the same way about abused animals. Please ,please, please, if you see any kind of cruelty then REPORT it. I know we have only one SPCA officer, that I know of, which is sad, and already overburdened with rescues, but we need to start forcing our government to take some kind of action. Stiffer penalties. Put out new laws. To ED who commented on the border collies in south gillies, please report this. If you already have you are a saint. Power in numbers. If more and more complaints come in, someone will have to get off there ass and start doing something.

  14. I must say I am very happy to see how many people agreed with my comments on this story…..BUT…..having said that I have a couple more comments to make. To ED, (comment #2 below mine) I do not agree wit you that we should consider the living conditions of these two dogs should be compared to a country club. What is wrong with your head?? When we discuss these issues I believe we are all looking for some good constructive comments and resolution, not comparisons to something so ridiculous. What bothers me the most about your comments is that you give fairly precise directions and description of a property and maybe owners who are operating a disgusting puppy mill, yet you have made no indication that you have called any authorities whatsoever to defend these poor puppies yet you would rather use the puppy mill conditions to say “oh those conditions are nothing compared to the conditions of this gross puppy mill I know of” “those dogs have a country club setting compared to these puppies”. Have you called the police or the SPCA in defense of these puppies? Have you done anything just based on the fact that you even know about it. I sure hope so, or you are no better than the puppy mill operators themselves. Do the right thing, it’s one phone call. If anyone lives in that community that Ed mentioned, please go and check out this puppy mill and make a call. YOU CAN’T SAY YOU ARE BETTER THEN THEM IF YOU DON’T DO BETTER!!!! One last thing. To Dodee above, I sure hope if this is not resolved asap that someone contacts you to purchase these dogs and bring them to Thunder Bay for vet care and adoption. What a generous offer you have made.

  15. I hope the readers here understand how much this story bothers me although I do acknowledge there are many many of these same stories all around where we all live, the difference is that once you know about it, you must act.
    I forgot to mention this in my last comment but I really don’t know who the best authority is to call in these situations because last year a new neighbor moved in two doors from us. When going for our evening walks past their home we noticed they had not yet moved in yet each night we could hear dogs crying coming from their home. So… one night after other neighbors told us that these people had not been out to the property for 4 days, hubby and I decided to see what the noise was about and walked closer to the home. Well the crying became more and more and even though hubby should not have he went to the window and peeked in. There were two huge dog crates with two huge dogs in them, but their food and water was outside the crates. We quickly went to the neighbor across who again confirmed that these people had not been to the home in more than 4 days so we decided to call the police and the SPCA. The police came out a few hours later and checked in the window also but then said they could do nothing and left. The SPCA never called us back or came out at all. I had to call them four times before the officer even called me back but even then he told us there was nothing he could do because he can’t break and enter into these people’s home. When all was said and done there was nothing done by any authority and we just had to wait until these people returned on the 6th day to let the dogs out to do their business and eat and drink. I have lost my trust in these two authorities totally.

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