Anonymous #0059 – Current River Dirt Biker A****LE


(OPINION) โ€“ Current river has a crazed wheelie dirt biker.


He has the community pissed off and scared for the safety of kids, pets, and everyone in the area.

This young guy speeds around and will pop a wheelie along a long stretch of residential area.

The cops have been informed but havenโ€™t caught him/done anything.

Some people have caught him on video and itโ€™s been shared. Heโ€™s too fast for me to catch on video.


Here are some screen shots from those videos.



8 Replies to “Anonymous #0059 – Current River Dirt Biker A****LE”

  1. Are his wheelies really terrorizing people?
    Or are they being annoyed at the obnoxious noise being generated by his mini bike?

    Or is he doing this in peoples front yards while their kids are outside playing?

    As long as hes sticking to the road to pull his stunts, and there are no kids playing in the street, or cats and dogs taking naps in the middle of the street, I dont think the community needs to worry much about themselves.

    However, he very well has the potential to hurt himself pretty badly.

    1. Hey, Mac, can I call you Mac?
      First of all, do you seriously think this idiot is looking out for Kids playing? Cats? Dogs? I doubt it. You’re a complete imbecile to write a reply defending this Clown. I can tell you one thing, it says a lot about “yourself”.
      Hey, have a GREAT day! (read between the lines there, Mac!

  2. Oh NO the absolute TERROR I cannot believe that this guy is doing WHEELIES and SPEEDING oh my GOD what ever will this town do?

    If this makes you fear for your safety you may want to gain some perspective on what actual dangers to kids, pets, and the community at large look like. Sweet wheelies are not one of those dangers.

    Heโ€™s likely only endagering himself, so donโ€™t hide behind this false outrage for safety… you simply find him to be a nuisance. Just say it. Itโ€™s much less asinine, though still quite asinine.

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