Anonymous Submission # 0054 – Let Me Tell You How To Write


Itโ€™s nice to have access to local news and I keep trying to use this site but it has a number of huge turn-offs for me. Please try to address these issues if you want to be seen as โ€œnewsโ€ and not an amateur-style โ€œblogโ€.


1. Use spelling and grammar checks. News should be written properly. Nearly every story on this site has bad spelling or grammatical errors. You treat your readers as imbeciles and I expect most of your readers are exactly that as a result.

2. Stop using the words โ€œanotherโ€ and โ€œrockedโ€ all the time. Electrical outages do not โ€œrockโ€ neighbourhoods. โ€œAnotherโ€ car accident story doesnโ€™t need the word โ€œanotherโ€ pasted on it. Everything has happened before and will likely happen again. โ€œAnotherโ€ is a pointless word most of the time.

3. Do not publish pictures of human feces. No one wants to see it.

4. Stop using capital letters incorrectly! Words rarely need to be capitalized within a sentence. Basic adjectives do not need capitalization. โ€œThe black Hyundaiโ€ฆโ€ not โ€œThe Black Hyundaiโ€ฆโ€. โ€œThunder Bay is a great place, and itโ€™s a lot like the city Plate Cove West, in Newfoundland where I was born and raised.โ€ Says Jeremy.โ€ contains two errors. The unneeded capital creates a sentence fragment. โ€œThunder Bay is a great place, and itโ€™s a lot like the city Plate Cove West, in Newfoundland where I was born and raised.โ€ says Jeremy.


The bottom line is that you write to adults about adult issues. Please stop writing like you only have a grade six education and I will stop telling people how crappy this site is. Seriously, this site is like a grade 6 newsletter at best.

Six โ€œpโ€ rule = Proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance. Learn to use English correctly before you try to present yourself as a journalist.

(Note from Pino: This just in, Another person ROCKED by basic shit that doesnโ€™t matter to us. Also, a blog is based on a persons opinions, not news, know the difference. Have a good day REAL Concerned Citizens. May you all HaVe A gOoD dAy. Picture BeLoW)


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    I love it.
    However the ratio of Poop : paper is alarmingly off.
    Someone has a case of sticky buns.

  2. I for one like the turd pictures and the use of the word, “Rocked”. It’s nice to finally see a NEWS site that isn’t dictated by the far left Liberalism’s in today’s day and age.
    The author of this story is just that – a whiny Liberal who thinks if they don’t like it – NO ONE ELSE SHOULD – PERIOD. Seriously, what a mentality. Just because you think it’s wrong, everyone else should think the same? Wow.
    Well, here’s some advise. If you don’t like it, leave! No one invited you here anyway.

    P.S, ken u cheq my gramer four me two pleese. I miye haf made a phew mustakes.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take pictures of turds outside. I like doing that. As far as I’m concerned that’s normal and everyone else should like it too. See the hypocrisy? Probably not.

    1. LoL, don’t tempt me. I f you knew my fishing Buddies you would know that wouldn’t be a problem.


  3. Grammarly is free. You have to admit the writing on the website is subpar at best. I never tell anyone I get my news from this site but to be honest, it’s slightly better than Dougal media. Get your shit together. See what I did there?

  4. All I can say is, if you hate this site so much then why are you even looking at it. You do know that you can withdraw at any time from getting this email.
    From one of the imbeciles that read here every day.
    P.S. I hope I havenโ€™t offended you with any spelling or grammar errors.

    1. well said.
      Don’t listen to the critics Pino …..its your site and YOUR rules period! If they don’t like it when don’t use the site. You do a fresh view on things…don’t change.

  5. As a citizen journalist who has never had an formal schooling to go along with your excellent journalism and news site, I for one, think your level of writing is great! It will only keep improving as time goes on. Letโ€™s not forget people Pino only has offered the great people of TBay his news website for a few months. Way to go P

  6. At some point it would be prudent to step up the game, if this is to continue to grow as a local news/info site. From my own perspective, its gone from a local curiosity to a valued daily news site. Other news sites are either completely asleep at the switch or choose to ignore issues and events. Kudos to Pino and the team for keeping on pace.
    The OP is partially correct though. This could turn into *the* local media source for many more people yet.

  7. Obviously judging by the response from a so called Citizen Journalist, no one at the site cares. Just continue spewing your crap.

  8. It’s not hard to write correctly. There are tools available such as Grammarly, spellcheck, etc. that will correct the obvious mistakes. If you read your post out loud, you will find your mistakes more easily. Run-on sentences are prevalent on this site, which distracts from the main point you are trying to make. I’m interested in what you have to say but if your sentence goes on and on and on, the point is lost and you lose my interest.

  9. Im also in agreement.
    Since finding this site, I haven’t checked the local biased, media site once.
    They have chosen to ignore the actual events that take place in this city, out of fear of someone crying about racism b.s.

    I found this site the Gull Bay members decided to host a blockade on the local mine sites property.
    This site had almost immediate coverage.
    That other site waited until the next day or so to even acknowledge it.

    Then as I checked in here more and more, I found stories that were not being reported on in the local news.
    After a week of that, I became a REAL member and havent looked back.

  10. I am a more recent reader of this site and while I have noticed some grammar errors etc., I overlook it because I want to keep myself informed. There are NEVER (emphasized with a purpose) any releases from news outlets in Fort Frances on pressing issues, so I come here and find out what is going on in my community. I myself am a bit of a grammar nazi but will overlook it because my primary focus is to find out who is stealing, robbing, drugging etc. Carry on Pino!!!!

  11. She came off preachy and insulting while making her point, granted, but she has a valid one. The site is viewed by some as a good source of news that might not be picked up by Tbnewswatch or netnewsledger, but it also smacks of vigilante journalism at times, and could use a filter. Why publish pictures of feces? Weโ€™ve all seen some in our lives. We know what it looks like. Why publish a video of someone having a bad drug reaction? If the point of that story was that Thunder Bay Housing needs to make some changes so residents feel safe, the point could have been made without that video that really served mainly to amuse bullies. I think your reaction to the criticism was childish at best. This site is becoming more โ€œmainstreamโ€ and could up its game a bit.

    1. The point of posting the video was to remove any doubt from peoples minds that it happened, and happens in Thunder Bay. A lot, and I mean A LOT of people live under a rock. I’m working hard to lift that rock.

  12. To anonymous…why are you hiding? If you have something to say why donโ€™t you say it with your name? If you are the grammar police why are you being a chicken s**t and hiding. This is ridiculous if you have something to say go ahead but only losers hide!

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