Anonymous Submission #0060 – Break & Enter While Child Home


In the north Simpson Street area Early this morning a man broke in through a window. and entered my daughters home while her and her little ones were sleeping.


My five year old granddaughter went downstairs for her nightly pee and encountered him, he talked to her and told her that she shouldnโ€™t be there and he is going to call the police.

You sir if i catch you will never be able to touch anything that doesnโ€™t belong to you.

Thank you for not touching or hurting anyone in the house but you stole things from her and you violated their sanctuary.

There are cameras in the area and the police will find you!!! This is a home of love, youth and innocence. A home where there is little money but a lot of love and peace.


She cannot afford to have items taken but you will not be allowed to take away her freedom of living a safe life.


One Reply to “Anonymous Submission #0060 – Break & Enter While Child Home”

  1. I believe that if the occupants of the dwelling are present when the Break and Enter occurs, it becomes elevated to a “Home Invasion” because the potential for a much more serious crime can take place.

    Thankfully, the POS did not physically harm your grand daughter or anyone else in the house.
    I dont even want to think of the potential of this situation, that could had been catastrophic given the circumstances.

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