Anonymous Submission #0071 – Beers, Piss and Sex.


(OPINION) – So Tuesday night around 7:30 pm my family and I were at the (big box store) Thunder Centre location when all of a sudden a intoxicated lady walks in squats down on the floor in the middle of the front doors and pees right there. absolutely disgusting behaviour..

Then when we are leaving the store staff is trying to get 4 other males to leave that can barely walk there so intoxicated and there yelling racial slurs at the workers as they go..disgusted with these actions.

During this time the lady that peeโ€™d in the store is bugging customers in the parking lot. Once we get into our vehicle, get our kid in his seat etc we go to drive out and 2 are laying in the middle of the damn road while the other 2 sit with them and drink..

What the f**k is going on with this area? Not only is this dangerous for everyone its just down right disgusting that our kids have to grow up seeing this..

So we go for about a half hour to a friends house then have to drive by the (same big box store) on our way home and what do we see, the female that peeโ€™d in the store and one other male are having intercourse on the damn snowbank right beside the roadโ€ฆ

I cannot fathom what the hell is going through these peoples minds, they were literally acting like wild animals that have no clue how to live in society. I’m appalled by this, I’m disgusted and angry that my 2 children had to witness this behavior.

Something needs to be done..

(Photo not of actual event and only for illustrative purposes only)

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    1. Anyone who post shit like this better be ready to back it up, not hiding. Furthermore that pic looks like a summer pic but where……..

    2. Please next time call police immediately. Iโ€™m glad you and your family are safe. Disgusting is right!๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    3. hey ED OGIMA, time to grow up and realize people are sick of this shit!!!
      You really think this poster made this stupid shit up? i doubt it highly…….
      get of your high horse and realize there is a problem that needs to be dealt with!
      what is there to be backed up? its a daily occurance over there… go hang out over there for a few hours and i garuntee you will see this disgusting behavior in some form or another….. noone here is stateing anything but facts… these poeple need help or to plainly be removed from society for the safety of themselves and others….
      somthing needs to be done already,
      im shakeing my head at you ed, you clearly have your head way up your ass if you belive there is no problem with this behavior!!

  1. Acting like animals? They ARE animals.

    Welcome to Thunder Bay, 2019 – where this is considered a normal society to some. Remember, you can’t call it for what it really is either. Otherwise, you’re labelled a Racist. For those of you about the jump all over me because you think I’m assuming the ethnicity, I didn’t name the ethnicity. Anyone with a 10th of a brain knows where I’m going with this as you’ve all witnessed the same thing as I’m referring.

  2. sadly this has just become normal for this area! too bad some losers ruin it for the rest of us! cant even safely walk around this nieghborhood anymore.

  3. Let’s all hope they don’t reproduce any offspring from there night in the snowbank . F…ING degenerates are ruining thunder bay

  4. to bubba,
    this is the reason i did niot mention the ethnicity so that people dont jump all over calling me a racist etc, it has nothing to do with race it has to do with disrespectful,disgusting behavior that needs somehting done about it…. im sure everyone can agree this is disgusting what happened, especially since young children had to witness this aswell….
    something needs to be done!!

    1. @ anonymous.
      You didn’t have to mention the ethnicity. We’ve all experienced it there and the majority of us know who it is.

  5. In Walmart today county fair, four or five intoxicated people fighting right in the store. A code yellow was called out and a lot of the staff ran to where the ruckus was happening…. There was KIDS, ELDERLY,and WOMEN PRESENT…. I know that most of the people here are law abiding, but that two or three per cent cast a black shadow over them. It’s about time we send THEM BACK to wherever they must have gotten kicked out FROM. I guess this is where i get censored or deleted

  6. POS should just kill themselves already.
    Do society a favour.
    These shit for brains will never be productive members here.
    Yet I get taxed to hell so they donโ€™t have to work.

  7. Intercity Mall and the Thundercenter is the new Chippewa animal exhibit in Thunderbay , sad but true .

  8. Next time record and post it. The rest of Canada needs to see whats really going on here not just what they watch on fifth estate, cbc etc.

  9. Stop giving the thunder centre addicts money thunder bay.! They are hanging out because booze and money are available from stupid naive folks and lazy store clerks.
    And Ed get your head out of your bamoosie .everyone can see the drunken, child like behaviour of these adult juveniles, stealing, drugs, booze fighting, enough is enough with the excuses. Many of us have lived through being drunks and have taken responsibility for of actions.
    So if you want pictures , feel free to walk around the thunder centre, downtown PA or FW. Same shitveveryday…Same a holes causing the same problems

    1. Noticed the guy on crutches begging in that area recently ? Just saw him this afternoon walking fine and carrying his crutches. Gotta give him some small cred though, for managing to hang onto his character tools for while anyhow.

  10. It’s not societies job to fix these people. They are past that point. Our tax dollars are going to addictions and more just keeps funneling in. I think all funding should be stopped and if these people stay in shelters they still get welfare dollars to feed their issues. Which should also be stopped or at least monitored. Our city has turned into a shit show. If city council wants to dig in the average man’s purse they should be fixing these problems.

  11. Wow, imagine you and your kids having to witness something that every human being on earth does – taking a piss and, for most, having sex. Move on ffs. NEXT!!!

    1. really? i agree it is somehtign people do everyday but we dont act like animals about ti and do it in the eys of little kids or in public places…. you have issues if your ok with this behavior…
      where do you live im gonna go piss in ur living room and have sex in the snowbank in front of ur house daily.. and see if it becomes a problem for you… grow up, this is completely unacceptable behavior

  12. so sick of these dirty disgusting pigs!! we need to designate an island for poeple like this just drop them off and let them live the way they want to out of sight from NORMAL people…

  13. To Douchenozzle,
    Kudos to you for answering to the other comments in such a forward manner which is how a person unfortunately has to
    respond to many who only understand that straightforward, matter of fact responses. Can you imagine saying that these actions are okay because we all do it anyways. I think it’s pretty clear what kind of person this is if they think these actions in public are okay just because we all do it. Also, yes all the comments are accurate when they say this is a daily routine in that and many other areas of this town. Makes a person sick. But don’t forget everyone, IT IS ALL OUR FAULT. If it wasn’t for all the things we did over the past 300 years, they would never be behaving like this. And yes all the do gooders will keep giving them money and they will continue to hang out in all of these locations doing what they do. It makes them feel like they have really helped someone in need and helped in society in some way. WAKE UP DO GOODERS YOU ARE NOT HELPING!! There is not a day that I can go to Safeways on Court Street without being asked for money. But don’t offer to buy them the very food they say they need because THEY DON’T WANT THAT….NO SIR IT HAS TO BE COLD HARD CASH.
    Of course we are going to be called racists……..they have to blame it on us somehow, someway. It can’t possibly be their own fault or even something they will admit needs fixing on their own. OH NO, CAN’T HAVE THAT!!!!

  14. I agree with the previous comment regarding videoing the various acts as they happen and posting them on social media. Some people are very quick to pull out cameras or cell phones to video police etc.

    Maybe start posting these persons on social media and let the country and world know what happens in Thunder Bay.

    I am sure that even if the persons in question had the hardship of having their parent or grand parents taken and placed in residential schools they should still know not to urinate in public and not to have sex in public.

    From a health perspective the urniation in a public building is very much of a biological health concern.

    There are those cultural group in Thunder Bay who would have been arrested and charged with indecent exposure if they were to have sex on a snow bank in a public area ….. Assuming the act of sex required exposing sexual organs? But I guess there are different laws for different folks … Wait is that not a partial definition for discrination?

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