Dirty Dams Screw Over Walleye Spawning Cycle


(ARMSTRONG, ON) โ€“ An avid hunter and fisherman has reached out to TRCCTB.COM to have their story told about a disgusting structure they came across while out in the wild.


The man came across a series of human-made dams on a small river that runs into a small lake up near Armstrong, Ontario. The lake usually is buzzing with Walleye, but not this year, this year they are almost non-existent.

We are told by the hunter/fisherman that the human-made dams have stopped the migrating Walleye from swimming the stream and making it into the lake to complete their spawning cycle.

The dams appear to be made by trees that are laid across the river and then boards being nailed into them, effectively blocking passage via the river. This has the dangerous effect of the fish becoming stuck, lost, confused and waiting at the dam. The suspects who built the dam are believed to then scoop up an over-abundance of fish, most likely to spoil.

It is suspected that the people who are running this dam must have milked this set-up beyond sustainability as the lake is near dry of Walleye. There is also a bunch of garbage left near the dam.


It truly is a sad day for the fishing community, as 99% of fishermen respect the land, the fish, and operate in a sustainable way.

The fisherman who reached out to us told us that he did his best to dismantle the structure and we are happy to report the river is now open to the flow of fish.

Fish responsibly.


8 Replies to “Dirty Dams Screw Over Walleye Spawning Cycle”

    1. Haha,not hard too figure that one out! Why arenโ€™t the MNR checking out these spawning places in the spring? You canโ€™t tell me they donโ€™t know where they are…maybe they need too get off their lazy asses and get out of their vehicles once in awhile!

  1. Breaks my heart to hear of such activity! At 70 I have enjoyed the outdoor activity in Northwestern from childhood and cannot understand why anyone would so abuse our wonderful gift from nature.
    I agree that whoever is responsible should be caught and their names and faces should be publicised and a severe fine as well as jail time during the summer months.

  2. I have been fishing up in the Armstrong area for over 30 years. Please let me know where this is and we will ensure this bull shit doesn’t happen! Ever again!! Unreal, people just don’t get it.

  3. Itโ€™s the usuals around there. The ones who wouldnโ€™t normally be caught by mar for having too many fish. They ruin it for everyone, give the fish a chance, and fish like the rest of us, for sport

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