(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Appearing in courtroom 104 this morning by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station is Rocky McAllister.


Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill, Crown Attorney Sarah Munch, and Duty Council lawyer Lianne Roberge.

Rocky is charged with the following:

  • Assault with a weapon (McDonaldโ€™s Veggie Burger)
  • Mischief under $5000 x2

Crown Attorney Sarah Munch indicates she has concerns on the secondary grounds, and would need victim input before consenting to releasing McAlllister.

Furthermore the crown seeks a no contact order under section 516 sub 2 that will prevent McAllister from communicating with the complainant.


Duty Council Lianne Roberge requests a remand until Monday, to have a show cause/bail hearing.

McAllister is ordered remanded into custody by Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill.



  1. Burger beat downs ainโ€™t no joke.
    Years back I was at a late night sand which establishment that was across from an old bar called Roxys.
    I can remember it like it was just yesterday.
    A gentleman ordered a wrap and the sandwich architect must had gotten the order wrong. When this stout young man took a bite of his after hours pleasure, you could just see the look of disgust and anguish in his face.
    He belligerently yelled out โ€œOi, I ordered me a chicken wrap and you give me a god damn tuna wrap. I outta bludgeon you to death with it for your ignoranceโ€
    Eager to see how this played out, I pulled up a chair and took a bite out my chicken ceaser.
    He continues โ€œHow bloody well hard is it to make a gent a chicken wrap? In fact how the hell could you have gotten the two confused? You daft ( C words ) Only employ the most intelligent chaps โ€˜ere dontcha โ€œ
    The woman behind the counter was visibly hurt. She just had taken pride in her sandwich art. She probably felt he would be better off having a tuna sandwich due to the mans clear weight problem.
    But nonetheless he wanted chicken but was served tuna…. and he wasnโ€™t having it.
    He picked up his wrap in disgust, attempted to take another bite. It was clear he was hungry.
    I could see him take 2 chews, then he had this look. Iโ€™ll never forget that look in his eyes.
    He spits the half chewed wrap onto the ground, pulled his arm back and let it fire.
    The scene looked similar to a WW2 soldier in the trenches tossing a grenade with all his might into the enemies trenches.
    Forcing myself to swallow my bite, I followed with a sip of Pepsi.
    The wrap hit the mark… square in the side of the womanโ€™s head.
    Tuna and mayonnaise exploded everywhere. I hit the deck out of fear of catching some shrapnel. The woman stumbled back in disbelief. And in a flash the assailant was gone.
    Almost like he simply evaporated into thin air. The police were quickly called and on the scene in minutes.
    I still find myself wondering to this day if the displeased customer had ever been apprehended.

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