(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in the Thunder Bay Courthouse’s bail court this morning via video from the Thunder Bay Police Service Station is Judas Beaver.


His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman is presiding along with Rob Kozak as Crown Attorney and a duty counsel representative.

Beaver is facing the following charges:

  • Sexual Assault x3
  • Sexual Exploitation x2
  • Sexual Interference

This matter is under a 517 publication ban, as well as a 486 publication ban.

Beaver was remanded into custody, pending a court date scheduled for tomorrow.


Beaver is escorted back to his cell by police, to await prisoner transport to the District Jail, where he will spend the night and appear by video from for his court date tomorrow.



  1. Pino why don’t you get a job and stop following criminals around. What are you trying to prove? Hes getting gas. Just wait until you fuck up. You’ll never want to play newspaper boy again. Get a real life. You’re just screwing minds. Youll look like the loser you are very soon. You already are lmfao. Why don’t you reply like the man you think you are?

    1. Hey, Gerry!!!

      I’m guessing Judas Beaver is a relative of yours? I love how you keyboard warriors come out after you see one of your own get taken down. LLOLOLZ. Then, you threaten the guy that writes about it? WRITES ABOUT IT. Shouldn’t you be concerned this Beaver dude went after Beavers he wasn’t supposed to go after? Geesh – where’s your brain?

  2. Don’t listen to Gerry Adams. This city needs more news sources who actually pay attention to what’s going on. That said…this article claimed that there were more details to follow…you don’t have to live with the limitations of the other media(chronicle journal, cbc)…if there’s an update…link to it! That’s what the web is for. Now where’s that update?

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