(PIKANGIKUM FIRST NATION, ON) โ€“ Ontario Provincial Police have laid a charge in regards to the sexual assault a woman endured sometime around August 24th to August 25th.


a 25-year-old Rusty Moose from Pikangikum First Nation has been arrested regarding the incident and appeared by audio in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning from the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Pikangikum

Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding over bail court this morning, along with Provincial Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and two duty counsel lawyers Lianne Roberge and Arturo Acosta.

Moose is facing the following new charges

  • Sexual Assault
  • Breach of bail conditions (not be within 25m of certain peopleโ€ฆetc)

He also has a few outstanding charges stemming from incidents earlier this year. Those charges are:

  • Assault (February)
  • Assault (March)
  • Breach of probation

Crown Attorney Fillmore is opposed to Mooseโ€™s release and states that this is a reverse onus situation. A reverse onus situation means that Moose must show the court why he should be released.

Furthermore, the Crown indicates that they intend to put Moose to that onus, and requests a no-contact order be placed on Moose, preventing him from contacting several people while in custody, including the alleged victim.

Duty counsel requests the matter be remanded to October 9th in a Kenora courtroom, to allow Moose time to obtain counsel and begin crafting a bail plan.

The Justice of the Peace grants the no-contact order and sends Moose back into custody until at least his October 9th court appearance.

Moose is sent back to his jail cell, where he will await prisoner transport by air to Kenora, where he will sit at the District Jail until at least his October 9th court appearance.