(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย The TBPS responded to the Dollarama on Memorial Avenue at 12:40 a.m. on August 7, 2018 on a report from a witness of a glass window being smashed and items taken by two individuals who were fleeing the area.


Officers arrived and located the suspects a short distance away. The male and female were arrested and escorted to the Balmoral Police Station. The 36 year old male was released on a promise to appear charged with Break, Enter and Theft.

Kimberly Shannon Fox, 39 years old was charged with Break, Enter and Theft as well as Breach of Probation. While in custody she was also charged with Assault Causing Bodily Harm and Breach of Probation for an incident police were investigating from August 6, 2018.

This investigation began when offices were called the Intercity area around 5:30 p.m. to investigate a 35 year old male who had been assaulted and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Fox appeared in court today on all of these charges and was remanded into custody.


Source: Thunder Bay Police Service Media Release



  1. I call BULLS##T on this story! We’re ALWAYS so quick to blame.

    How is it possible for her to break into an establishment when she should have been at work?

    Cough, cough.

    Hey Pino, How come I have to sign in every time I want to leave a message now?

    1. What’s the matter, did I hit a nerve? I’m guessing you’re on the delusional side of reality and can’t see the obvious problem which is almost becoming epidemic. Pull your head out of the sand and look around you!

  2. You mean Iโ€™ve been buying stuff from this store with real hard earned money from a 40 hour a week job and all I had to do was break a window and steal it. Duh! If she is going for the rush try paying for your items. You will be surprised how good you feel obtaining it legally. Legally is the opposite of illegal which she seems to have down pat. She may not have ever heard the word legal before so now she knows. Might want to brush up on the meanings of words now that she has a few days in the slammer between watching TV, getting her nails done or what ever other perks they . I don,t think the Hilton has as many perks as our jail system does.

  3. You write good stuff Pino. I enjoy the stories. I think anonymous is upset cause he can,t read all the big words like the, it, so.. take up reading while your in the slammer.

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