(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The news team woke up to multiple eye-witness accounts surrounding an incident that unfolded over night at a notorious north-side location.


The housing complex located at 288 Windsor, nearest to Junot, had heavily armed Thunder Bay Police Officers active in the area, according to witnesses

An estimated 8 police cruisers and 14 police officers(heavily armed) were said to have been on the scene of the late night/early morning situation.

This morning, we saw 4 police cruisers still at the scene, and police tape strung up like it was a kids birthday party.

We had a few people tell us they heard what sounded like gunshots, but could have been easily mistaken for flash bangs police use during a raid. Thunder Bay Police have since confirmed that gunshots were reported.


The area is well known for housing drug dealers and violent criminals.

Thunder Bay Housing has asked the courthouse not to release people on bail to their properties, yet they seem to continue to do so.

I have personally witnessed, what I believe to be a violent criminal, be released from jail to an address at 288 Windsor. Due to what I believe is overuse and abuse of publication bans, I was not able to warn the public.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please email contactus@trcctb.com.

We are getting conflicting information about this situation, we have been told that there were two people severely injured, but then at the same time the director of communications is telling us no one was injured. This is the same director of communications who failed to tell the public about the macs employee who had their throat slashed.

We will update this article as more information becomes available..



The Thunder Bay Police Service is investigating a shooting incident which occurred early this morning that left bullet holes in the exterior of the residence located in the housing complex at 288 Windsor Street. The occupants inside the residence were not injured.

The suspects are described as three black males wearing hoodies. No other descriptors are available at this time.

Due to recent investgiation by the TBPS Intelligence Unit, Investigators think there is a possibility that the suspects are from out of town and linked to organized crime involved with drug trafficking. The motive for this incident is unclear at this time.

Police were on scene to collect evidence and conduct a canvass of the area to gather more information. Investigators are appealing to anyone with information to call the TBPS at 684-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or www.P3tips.com.

This investigation is ongoing.


Source: TBPS



  1. Just wondering if itโ€™s the same incident that happened on Picton?
    21 year old female stabs 18 year old male?
    The other news website doesnโ€™t mention anything regarding the victims condition.

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