OPINION – Racism and the Shopper’s Drug Mart Body SLAM


(OPINION) – Today I went and picked up (the mother of the youth who was body slammed at Shoppers – censored) and her son (the youth who was body slammed at Shoppers – censored) who was discriminated and assaulted by a security guard. Shopper drug mart have a “no touch policy”! (authors friend – censored) took that training and this security guard violated all his rights and (the youth) is only 15! He is so quiet and shorter than I am. He is completely TRAUMATIZED WITHOUT A DOUBT.


He barely came inside NIPPERS to order fries and he seemed to be very alert to every little noise. Poor kid was slammed to the hard floor…basically cement flooring. He is a youth from my home rez and I don’t think he would steal anything neither would his mother. I’ve worked with (youth’s mother) last year and grew up in the same rez before moving put here to Thunder Bay after my husband was injured.


When I was caught stealing chips when I was 8 from Zellers they never treated me or anyone like that back then. Thunder Bay is getting worse everyday! The racism and more hatred against our aboriginal people is extremely evident every day here in Thunder Bay. Everywhere I go I notice that we are constantly watched or other aboriginal people are watched closely. You know right away when there watching you because you get that feeling in your gut and neck.

Also when they ask you if you need help but they don’t bother asking the non-native person next to you the same question. When I was looking for eyebrow liner in shoppers at McIntyre and McKellar I was watched like a hawk. I asked her why are you right over my shoulder, do you think I’m going to leave without paying and she quickly said ohhh.uhh no…no..no…Im just wondering what kind you’re looking for? I’m told her I know what I’m looking for and she silently stepped away but I didn’t bother buying anything.


The other day at McKellar shoppers… I noticed this lady in plain clothes continuously following me in every aisle I was walking in…. I finally walked around the corner very quickly and stopped and waited right at the end.. and there she was!!! I asked her why are you watching me? She stuttered and replied…IM NOT WATCHINGGG YOU…IM JUST IN A HURRY…and I replied “well I have been recording you since I got in the store” which wasn’t true because I wanted to see what she would say….and she said, ” I’m sorry and walked away “.

What is wrong with everyone? We all were made to share this planet and it seems if you aren’t light skinned then you will be a victim of some sort of racial discrimination or profiling. I cannot believe some of the comments that people wrote when they shared the video. How barbaric and racist. They have no idea what it feels like to be on this side of the fence metaphorically speaking but they are so quick to cast their judgement.

I hope one day you will learn what or is truely like to be personally victimized because your not light skinned/caucasian.

~Keren J. Winter-ALLSKY

Below is the video of the incident at Shoppers Drug Mart.




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  1. That security guard should be charged with assault. There was no need for thayoung boy to be treated like that!

  2. you talk about feeling discriminated against, i get it i know there are racist assholes out there that are white, but in all honestly racists come in all colors,i am the least racist white person you will meet, i have many friends and family members that are aboriginal, and even i am scared to walk alone in certain areas of this town and have had incidents at my workplace with many aboriginal people that have been completely racist against me just cause i am white. you say racism needs to stop, i agree but people need to realize its not coming from just one side it comes from all sides, my aboriginal friends and family memebers all say they were taught to hate white people since they were small children in there reserves, this needs to stop. as does white poeple who do the same..
    i dont care what color you are or what your background is, all i want is a safe environment for my children to grow up in.
    stop the racism crap and take each situation as it comes if you break the law deal with it, in this situation with the security gaurd i do believe he was wrong in the way he dealt with it aswell, but you have to think of why he did it? maybe its an ongoing problem everyday and he just had enough and snapped. i agree it was poor judgement, but you cant just start calling it racist just becuase of his actions? who are you to assume he is racist? prove to me that this was done over a racial issue? just becuase soemthing happened to someone of aboriginal background does not mean its due to race, none of this would of happened if the young fellow just followed instructions and stopped resisting and waited for the police to come.
    anyways, i hope the young man feels better soon and wasnt injured, but also someone should talk to him and explain the importance of not resisting when something like this happens so maybe next time (hopefully there is no next time) this wont reoccur to him..
    all in all, we all need to work on this racism thing form all side, stop teaching children to be racist ON ALL SIDES, aboriginal people are not completely inocent ither, we have bad people in all races…

    1. While I agree with you on the fact that racism is taught and shouldn’t be, I disagree with you that “racism happens on both sides.” I think what you actually mean is race based discrimination.

      Racism is defined to include the belief that one racial group is inherently better than the other. This is troublesome as those who are not in the majority power group are not viewed as “better” due to their minority status in the population. In most instances, those who hold the majority get to call the shots.

      However, I do agree that ethnicity based discrimination does apply to most ethnic groups in Thunder Bay.

    2. Oh my goodness. You hit the nail on the head there, forsure! It’s a sad sad world we live in that our sons and daughters are paying for something that they had no control over 50-100 years ago. ALL of us, MUST do a better job accepting one another. If you raise your children to be KIND from the HEART to one another, no matter their skin colour, hopefully the World around you will change! Number one rule and and commandment “Do onto others, as you’d have done to you”. It’s that simple. And yes, it comes from their upbringing. So we can’t blame the kids of this world. It’s gotta start at HOME! Parents, do the right thing. Give your kids a chance, instead of throwing them to the wolves. Cuz WOW, after reading some of these comments on other news reports, it’s alarming the amount of opinionated hatred going on in society today!

  3. the kid is a thief and got what he deserved. The security guard did nothing wrong. he shouldn’t have tried fighting the guard.

  4. Maybe it will be a lesson to the kid – stop pocketing crap that aint his. And to listen to authority and night try fighting out of it.
    The whole situation would of been avoided if the kid just opened his jacket and showed what he stole.

    But because it was a white man, I know racist, discrimination, blah blah blah..cry, im a victim, cry, wah wine.
    Damn white people always trying to stop innocent people from stealing.

    Get a grip.
    And by the way – before you cry im being racist because I disagree,
    Im a member of Lake Helen first nation.

    Reconciliation right? take a step forward and look in the mirror.
    The victim blame game is getting old and quite frankly everyone is sick of it.

  5. One thing nobody thinks about is that the consumer pays for the shoplifting. The word shoplifting is just a nice name for what it really is……THEFT!!! I have worked in retail for over 40 years and theft is out of control. It’s a daily occurrence. To make up for the stolen merchandise, the cost of the goods stolen is added to the price of the product that honest people pay for. When stores do inventory, theft is factored in for missing inventory. On top of this, employee theft had increased over the past several years. Just look at the situation at Staples in Thunder Bay. So don’t feel sorry for this kid. Theft is theft. It is done by kids up to and including gramma & grandpa. Yes, seniors steal too. Ever wonder why razor blades are so expensive? They are a high theft item. One of our alert clerks where I work stopped a guy outside the store with a pack of $30 razor blades last week.

  6. Sad to say but the young fellow broke the law and he knew it. If people would just stop when told to and then do what they are told to do after stopping nothing would have happened. No respect for authority. The security guard did what he had to to stop the thief. Quit the racist crap. People are getting fed up when you do something wrong, get caught then cry racism.

  7. Shoppers Drugs actually apologized to this slimy little thief and are throwing the security guard under the bus. Why have them ? They can’t do anything apparently if they catch a thief. Ask him “ will you please empty your pockets and put the stuff back that fell off the shelves into your pocket “. Shoplifters paradise. Security guard, screw him he can’t do anything to me so continue stealing. Feel sorry for the guard. Will never set foot in a Shoppers Drug Mart again. ( unless I want to shoplift something )

  8. Wow Chief Grief I had to actually print your response because I could not believe my eyes and nor could anyone I showed it to.
    Where did you come from?? I have never seen a native speak so honestly about about an incident concerning another native.
    I am so used to everyone turning the situation into something it isn’t just so they could bring about the racism factor.
    Personally I agree with whoever said that there is no proof that the guard treated this thief by throwing him to the ground
    only because he was native. We all know that it is BS but we all expected at least one response or more to bring forth the racism factor, it never fails. The guard would have reacted the very same way if the perpetrator had been white, of that I am sure. All I know is we need more honesty like yours Chief Grief because no one wants to listen to the white people anymore if the subject is deemed in anyway or can be twisted in anyway to racism.
    I often compare these situations to the situations in the many states where police have shot black perpetrators because they will not listen to the instructions the police give them. They insist on not getting on the ground as told, or resisting even if there are several officers on scene, not removing their hands from their jacket pockets (where they often have a gun), etc, etc and then when they finally run and are shot, there is a big outrage that the poor black kid who just robbed several or knifed someone was shot only because he was black. NO NO NO people, he was shot because he did not do what he was told by the police not because this nice, kind boy was black. Yes Chief Grief, people are fed up with this nonsense, most won’t even waste their time responding to these situations anymore because they are just not heard anyways. They are always trumped by the “poor nice young boy who was thrown to the ground only because he was native thinking”.

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