Home Outfitters Closing 37 Stores Across Canada


(CANADA) – Today the Hudson’s Bay Co. said that they will be closing down their housewares chain Home Outfitters across Canada.


Hudson’s Bay Co also announced they will be completeing a “fleet review” of one of it’s other retail chains “Saks OFF 5th”. That chain has 133 locations in Canada and the USA. It is believed that about 20 stores in the USA will close their doors once the review is completed.

Canada is home to 37 Home Outfitters locations and all will be closed by the end of this year, 2019. Most of the communities that have a Home Outfitters location presently, also have a HBC store near.

The amount of job losses has not been released yet, but the company did thank employees in a statement.

“Further streamlining our retail portfolio enables even greater focus on our businesses with the strongest growth opportunities,” CEO Helena Foulkes said. “We know this news is difficult for our associates. We are grateful for their ongoing efforts to serve our customers and we will work to find opportunities within HBC for impacted team members where possible.”


5 Replies to “Home Outfitters Closing 37 Stores Across Canada”

  1. blame Wayfare online….people are sheep…send your money away…fine…forget about a local real store….

    1. Well, Wayfair and i’d safely estimate all remote competition, has a website you can shop on and Home Outfitters did not. I realize money spent on the website wouldn’t have stayed local, however it would’ve helped the business stay remotely competitive. (Side note, I’ve never found anything worth purchasing on wayfair either, just using the example provided).

  2. This was a good local store to find decent quality items at a decent price when they were on sale. The problem I always found was the lack of online info as to whats in the store (and prices). Sure, you could use the HBC website and they would bring anything in to the store for you.. but if Im going to do that, then I’ll just use Amazon thanks.
    Same with Best Buy, they refuse to allow a filter to display whats in the store vs online items. Sure, you can view each item one at a time to see ifs its locally available.. but no thanks, I’ll just try to find it elsewhere.

    1. Agree with your BestBuy instore vs online filter comment. I find the lack of an instore only filter a pain in the neck. I’ve emailed BestBuy several times about adding that filter and of course nothing ever happens.

  3. Why buy things online unless you’ve checked them out yourself?
    Like the quality of kitchen tables/chairs, beds etc.
    When the Power Centre has the exact tv as Best Buy, but Best Buy’s tv is not in stock…
    Also l looked for a dvd online at best buy, which was apparently in stock.
    Went to the store -no dvd!

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